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Buyer is Cheating?

One of my buyer said i would have to work on 10 sec of Footage . But when i took the offer.I saw that it was over one minute 50 seconds of footage.

what should i do now?

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Contact with buyer and ask for more adding gig extras.

What if He doesn’t agree on that

I’m guessing you are trying to say
“What if he doesn’t agree?”

If so, I’m afraid you’ll need to cancel the order.
For now though, send him an additional custom offer and explain that the footage is
way longer than what you were told. Be sure to sound polite.


Is there any other way?

No because you can’t force anyone to pay for something they don’t want when you haven’t made it yet.

And this person is probably a scammer so you’d do all that work and they’d find a way to stiff you. You don’t want that.

Don’t sacrifice your time and dignity to enable scammers. It does nothing for you.


Thanks For Letting Me know about those point.

I just didn’t take orders as i started the gig with This buyer.

This is why many sellers state that a buyer must be in contact and show the actual job (not a vague explanation) before placing an order.

For BR I use a Gig with a default state of a $550 job so, the buyer is not going to hit that in-hope without it being clear that if there is not already an agreement, that is what they will pay & get. Probably loses me some BRs but if they can’t read and understand then I can’t work with them anyway.

Do as people have said above.

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OK mate… But what about Order cancellation Rate

What about it?

Don’t think that you should put yourself at risk of scams for the sake of your cancellation rate.

Try to convince your buyer that you need to give more effort have to work hard on this and he should pay more $ for this.

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Personally I don’t think there should be any sense of “convince” about this. If the job was taken on the assumption of A but once accepted B was expected, that is the essence of a scam.

Try going to your supermarket and where one tub of margarine is $1.99, pay for one but take 3 tubs out of the store. If you get more than a foot out of the store without some nice Steve with a shooter having cheery chat with you, they are not doing their job right.


@biswassabuj Buyers are not that good to get convince all the time

If they are scammer all your efforts go in vain. But sometimes you can convince your buyer and increase the budget. It depends on the personality of buyer and the power of your manipulation i think.


But the Good things…I have told him about complaining on Fiverr Support system and He reduced those footage length from 2 minutes to 25 seconds.

I am just letting him go with 25 seconds for this time.

Yes…I did that with only a few buyers.

Not all times for sure. But you should try at least to avoid cancellation.