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Buyer is disputing again and again

So I have started a Game Development gig for about 20 days. I got an order and provided him with the game. He liked it very much but didn’t accepted the order yet.
Then he said the game can’t be uploaded on Google Play. I tried to help him and tried to upload the game on his account but the game can’t be published because some of his previous apps were violating Google TOCs.He is now disputing again and again. What should I do now?

You should reply to him that you delivered order as promised according to your gig and his requirements and therefore his order is not eligible for cancellation as per Fiverr TOS that he signed.
You are not responsible for his actions on other platform n he should’ve been aware that he wouldn’t be able to upload the game prior from ordering from you.

You can also reach out to CS mostly to prevent them cancelling the order but most likely they will just say that you need to resolve this issue with your buyer but at least they will be aware of the situation.


The best way to tell him more because you have completed your task. Try him to clear the problem associated with his google account in case you are not able to do anything.

If you are committed that you will upload the app to the app store then you might have to face some difficulties.
Now the solution is to tell him that you will never dispute the order because you did your work. If that’s true.

Don't dispute the order because you already work on the project 20 days.

Finally, If you are not able to do anything then contact FCS[Fiverr Customer Support]. They might have a solution for you.

Thank You so much for replying. I am already telling him that I’ve done my job but he’s still not accepting it.
But anyways I just wanted to know if there is something I might have done wrong. But there is not.
Thanks again!

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