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Buyer is disrespectful

I came across this buyer, he placed order at night and I Was up till 1AM to convince him to place order than He didn’t so I go to sleep.

In morning, I found out that he placed order and asking for cancellation because I wan’t responding to his chat.

He call me fraud and saying that I am ignoring him after placing order and a lot of disrespectful things. I have to cancel order but my order completion rate is down.

I told him I am not a fraud I didn’t able to reply because its night here, than he say “you’re lying it not night here, everybody commit fraud on fiverr and you’re not an angel and i reported you to fiverr support”

I contacted support on other matter 15 days back but still not reply and I am assuming they aren’t going to reply this time too.

If anyone from fiverr staff seeing this please help.

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Fiverr wouldn’t do anything because you didn’t break any rules.

You cagoule just say something like “apologies for the delayed reply during the night. We are in different time zones therefore there might be slight delay in replies. You can also see my current time at the top of our chat under my name. “

I told me that you can check my last chat time but he keep calling me fraud and saying that I did this purposely to him. for now I cancelled order and block him