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Buyer is Fraud and he keeps on cancelling order

Something I came across 3 days ago. I completed the order and delivered it. Not the buyer is not messaging me but instead he is cancelling it on and on. I did what he asked for and within the due time. Instead of any revisions or something he is cancelling it. This is such an unethical behavior and it is not to be accepted easily. I have contacted CS. They changes the open tag to Solved but my order is still in delivered.
Has someone gone through it and how did you solve it.

As long as your status is ‘delivered’, you’ve done your job. If CS says it’s solved, they may have spoken with the client directly.

Is the order currently uncancelled and delivered? If so, within three days of the last status change, you should be auto-paid.


Exact case i had, and NO CS didn’t helped me too, they told me to talk with buyer, but in my case too buyer didn’t responded and they keep disputing.

Few days ago after 8 disputes, i mistakely Accepted the dispute (as i was on phone) and lost the order.

here is my thread: Weird Buyer - After Delivery filing Dispute over Dispute

Looks like SCAMMERS began to attack using this loophole of fiverr. :frowning:

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This is really bad. Even CS will not be able to help you. You will end up in loosing the order, money and rankings :frowning:

same happen to me as well…Lost 150usd and my backbone was paining as i spent my 15+ Hours on the thing…That was a the baddest day for me :frowning:
we all should stand against this. This is our right.


Once the buyer confirmed the order, the payment supposed to be deducted from his account, isnt it? Even if he cancels now, shouldnt you be paid off? I am wrong?

You are right my gig ranking dropped and no enquiries and order this week.

I am facing similar issue that I had an order with 3 milestones. The client completed 2 milestones and kept saying he loves working with me and then when I submit the final milestone, he suddenly bombarded me saying he doesn’t like any of my design. I just wrote to CS but as I see people are saying CS is not helping and if this is the case then I am going to find the Fiverr customer support head on Linkedin and write to him/her directly.

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You’re wrong, if the order is cancelled, the funds go to buyer’s account.

They typically tell you (if they have the time to tell you anything at all) that you need to work it out with the buyer and that they can’t force the buyer to accept the order.

Several sellers mentioned on the forum that they kept refusing to accept the cancellation, and that the order got completed in the end. Just be careful not to accidentally accept the cancellation request.

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