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Buyer is ger my service but not get any feedback spend 24 hour

hello fiverr,
I have been in the last 24 hours before ,I get an order from Buyer. And I deliver that , But after 24 hours my Buyer received the service. Which is a long time gap. But no feedback has given me so far.

My question is right now , this buyer is hnest or not ?


Whether the buyer leaves feedback or not is no reflection on their honesty.

Buyers don’t have to leave feedback for sellers if they don’t want to.


How is that connected to his honesty?

If you delivered order properly with a “deliver” button on the order page then order will automatically autocomplete itself in 3 days if buyer doesn’t come back.

If you worked on “something” without buyer placing an order and sent it just through the messages then it’s actually no ones fault and just assume that you gave that work for free, because now they don’t have to pay you anything. And this is going to be a good lesson for the future.


Had a look at your account and you appear to be selling Facebook accounts which is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.