Buyer is harassing me and refuses to cancel an order


I worked with a specific buyer in some orders. He always tried to push me to get the deliveries quickly. My delivery time is 3 days but I always do my best to deliver the job done before that. Every order was delivered to him before 48 hours and in some cases in less than 24 hours without asking for an extra fee.

Now he contacted me asking me to deliver another small job quickly, free of charge, using the excuse that he needs a sample. I politely refused. Then he placed the appropriate order and asked me again for a quick delivery.

I explained my delivery time and explained that I don’t work only on Fiverr and that unfortunately I could not give him a quick delivery this time but I would do my best as I always do and the order would be delivered in 3 days, as stated in my Gig.

I gave him the possibility to cancel the order if he could not wait. He decided to proceed. But then, just a few hours after he started to ask me about the order ignoring what we spoke before. It was missing more than one day to the delivery and he was pushing me again and didn’t respected my delivery time. I politely explained all again and I asked him to cancel the order as I’m not able to work with someone who doesn’t respect my work.

But he doesn’t accept a “no” and refuses a mutual cancellation and now is harassing me. He already placed another order to force me to work with him and sent me messages asking why I hate him so much and I never said anything like that. I wrote to the customer support asking for help and I’m still waithing for an answer.

Did something similar happened with you? What have you done to solve the situation?


You tried to be as polite as you can, and you have reported this matter to CS, so I believe
you have done the right thing. Did you send a screen shot of the messages this buyer
sent you, the ones that contained rude/harassing contents? (screen shots usually help)

When I get people like that I usually just report them and CS will cancel the order for me.
I’m sorry this happened to you, I hope CS shuts him down!


If you’ve already talked to CS, than hopefully that will cancel the order, sorry you had to put up with this!
Rush delivery IS an extra cost and he’s demanding it without ordering it. He’s try to solicit free services. Hopefully customer service will cancel the order.
I hear you though, some buyers are pushy about timeframes and don’t order rush options. I think you did your due diligence by explaining to them how your service work, especially since they’ve placed multiple orders and are clearly trying to take advantage. If i’m ever in the situation where I feel like a buyer is being too pushy about delivery, I write something along the lines of:
‘I appreciate that you need to receive this work faster than my standard delivery time, however I cannot prioritize your order before other clients that have purchased the same service as you. I do my best to please all my clients, so unless a rush fee is paid for to put your order at the front of the line, I have to work on each order in the order that I receive it so it’s fair for everyone. I do appreciate that you’ve chosen to work with me and I look forward to working on your project, but I simply cannot be ignoring other clients in the meantime. I hope you understand, and if there is a situation you need your work right away, feel free to order the rush option and I will ensure your work gets delivered as soon as possible.’


When a buyer is pushing for a quicker delivery time either send them a custom extra for the appropriate amount with a message explaining your pricing. If you cannot do it quicker then explain it as you said you have done.
If they ask again give them the options written out something like this:
I am sorry that I cannot deliver the order any quicker than was agreed. If this is a problem for you then you can choose from the following options.
1. You can pay a custom extra for extra fast delivery
2. You can wait until I deliver the order within the time agreed (3 days)
3. You can cancel the order.
Please let me know which option you would like to go for as soon as possible because I will not be able to start working on it until you decide.

The idea is that it puts the focus on the buyer to then state what he wants to do. It looks professional and the buyer knows you are not going to be harassed into doing what he wants.


It sounds like your buyer is rude and unreasonable and abusive so it is appropriate to ask customer support to cancel the order.


He is rude and inconsiderate. He needs a blackjack upside his head to knock some sense into him. Some people these days don’t understand anything. Lack of oxygen to his brain probably.


This kind of unethical, reuse and abusive buyer behavior is not tolerated on Fiverr. If you have gone through the Fiverr TOS, you would have noticed that this kind of inappropriate behavior may result in even suspension of such accounts.

According to Fiverr TOS, “Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages sent to users will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.”

So, as suggested by many, best option here is to contact Fiverr Customer Support for assistance and they will resolve the issue for you.


You gave him your pink by delivering the first orders very fast and now he wants the whole arm. <- I don’t know if this proverb exists in the English language, lol.

Personally I don’t offer same day delivery and if I a client wants it I tell them that it can cost $50,- to $100,- more regardless the order value, due to the fact that I have to tell my private clients to wait a day longer.
You could try this, maybe this will ease his temper down.


Thank you. No, I didn’t send them print screens, but I made reference to my inbox. Do you think it will help?


Thank you. I was always polite with him but at first he was trying to get a job done for free with a delivery in less than one hour. Do you believe in this? What’s wrong with people? I don’t get it.


I agree with you. I’ve done something similar to what you suggested. But he didn’t changed his attitude.


What I don’t understand it is how a buyer thinks that placing orders to try to force me to work for him will make me change my mind…


Maybe that what my mistake when I delivered the work before the delivery time. I was just trying to provide a great service. But we are always learning, aren’t we? :wink: Yes, I know that proverb. I don’t know if exists in English but it definately exist in portuguese. I hear that since my childhood.


@filomena_silva thankfully I haven’t had that type of experience here on Fiverr. I did have it when I had my own online store and someone ordered wholesale from me, which was clothing made up to order. The customer signed the terms and it states approximately 3 weeks to manufacture and she hounded me non-stop for the whole 3 weeks - via email and phone. She was rude and abusive towards me too. I delivered her order and phoned her after it arrived. I thanked her for her business and informed her that I am unfortunately not prepared to work with abusive clients. She acted all ignorant and said she didn’t know what I was referring to. I blocked her account on my website and refused to deal with her again.

I know a lot of people will put up with people treating them badly to make sales but I have policy of not dealing with anyone that is abusive. I don’t care how much money is thrown at me.

I hope this gets resolved, it is awful to work under those conditions. I’m sure customer support will assist you. I suggest you do take screenshots.


It’s best to send them screenshots. Make it as easy as possible for them to see what’s going on. Keep in mind that they have tons of tickets to respond to, so, the easier you make it for them, the quicker they can help you (and you’re being nice to them, too).


I have that policy too. Finally he agreed on cancel the orders. I hope he don’t place other orders anymore.


Thank you for your suggestion. Finally this abusive buyer agreed on cancel the orders. I hope he don’t place other orders anymore.


I have a question. If your gig states you deliver in 3 days, how was the buyer able to place an order for you to deliver in less days? Do you have an option for extra fast delivery? If you don’t have any option for extra fast delivery you can notify the buyer that the order will be delivered according to your gig description because I think the buyer is actually reselling the work but I might be wrong. If you ask the buyer to cancel and he or she keeps refusing you could ask fiverr to cancel it on your behalf.


“give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile”. Or, more colloquially, “taking the piss”.

This buyer is a great example. I would have just given him an invoice for $100 and an option to cancel, and a third option to STFU.


It is not nice behavior, it is awkward to deal and there are a number of reasons some buyers behave like this. When I worked in retail I often dealt with people like this. They believe (or try to make you believe) you owe them something because they bought from you. They say things like:
- but I spent over $XXXX with you
- another place/seller said they would do this specially for me
- I am the customer!
- you are being unreasonable
I always found that these people had sometimes got better deals by being incredibly irritating and I know people who do this kind of thing and then boast about it to their friends. I have to admit, in retail I sometimes did give in just to get rid of them. They were taking more of my time than it was worth so I paid them off instead.
On Fiverr, so many sellers are terrified of a buyer giving a bad review. This leads to the seller agreeing to do things that the gig does not include. This is why I suggest the professional approach of making them choose and then doing nothing until they choose. It shows the buyer that you will not be bullied and that you know what you are doing. They may cancel but that’s ok, they will then go to another seller and try the same thing again.
Remember, if you agree to it once, they will expect it next time and probably ask for even more then!