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Buyer is harrassing me even after delivery. He is adding more work to the project and thretening me to do it

I am being harrased by ***. He ordered to write his docx file to latex. I have written the file and delivered the file but he didn’t mark it complete instead he sent me to revise it with the updated version of the docx file. He is constantly updating the docx file and sends me that as a revision. When I said to him that I have done what we initially agreed, he is rude, threatening and racist to me as I am Muslim. He is threatening to cancel the order and ask for refund. I have given him four free revisions but he is still trying to exploit me and not marking the gig as complete. Please help me. Suggest me the solution to this so that I can get my payment for the work I have been doing for six whole days. Should I contact costumer support? Will they help me? Or listen to the buyer?

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I see you have only 5 min on this forum but if you read and search the forum you’ll see that this is not an unusual situation especially with new sellers.

But shortly: you definitely need to write to CS telling them that your buyer is blackmailing you and using inappropriate language and derogatory language towards your religion but do mention that you wouldn’t want to cancel the order because you already did what was promised and even gave free service on top of that.

At the same time write to your buyer stating that such language and blackmailing is not allowed on fiverr as per fiverr TOS that he signed and all other revisions will cost him x amount. (And send a custom offer for an extra revision)

But be prepared to possibly get a bad review if your buyer indeed complete and finish your order.


In addition to what @mariashtelle1 said, keep in mind that Customer Support might agree to refund the buyer, because, even though you don’t offer any revisions, you do state in your gig description that satisfaction is guaranteed, and the buyer can easily say that he’s not satisfied.


You should take screenshots of the chat and open a ticket with customer support as they are the only one that can help you.

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As catwriter said, you asked for this by saying “satisfaction guaranteed”. You attracted this type of person.

So you can keep doing the work he asks for as long as he wants you to, or you can cancel the order.

You can communicate with him that what he is asking is not part of the order. Don’t argue, just tell him that much and see what he says. But know that he could leave a bad review at any time.


Well, it happens with me when buyer threaten me and try to get done the extra work. How we can deal with them without getting bad review and all other stuff? Sometimes i used to think do sellers any "Rights " on this platforms or not.

I already wrote it in my above reply. If you are confronting someone you can not expect to get a glorious review after that. You either get paid for your work or you work for free not to get a bad review. Or you need to have an amazing communication skills which most likely you don’t if you are still asking how to deal with this situation after my above explanation.


You nailed it. Communication skills are very important to resolve situations with clients.