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Buyer is intentionally making the delivery late!

I have delivered the order on time. Now after 2 days of delivery the buyer has put a thank you message as a revision. Doing so now on my profile it is showing two days late ? What i suppose to do with that ?

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Then redeliver the gig…


Doesnot it effect my completion time then ?

In revision, Its doesn’t effect on your delivery time in profile. Don’t take tension about it.
If you deliver late in first delivery then it will be effect on profile.


And do what else? Not deliver the gig? Would it make sense to not get paid so you can supposedly protect your rating?

It’s already late. You can’t remove that and get around it.


My point is i have already delivered the project on time , now after two days buyer has put a message in revision rather then marking the order as complete ? should i visit the resolution center for it ?

It’s already late. Why is that so hard to understand?

You can’t make it unlate. Nothing CS does would make it unlate. That isn’t how it works.


Thank you , i understand now.

But it really hurts too , i have delivered each of project before the delivery time so far , now due to this one buyer , i have suffer. I have put the request to the team fiverr as well. if the fiverr can’t undo this , its really bad then.

i’ll tell you why it’s so hard to understand. the delivery was on time. the buyer put it into revision, but only said “thank u for help”. what does he want revised???, you can’t even stop it completely. if a gig comes with 0 revisions, the buyer can still put it into revision

the due date should apply to the initial delivery only. anything after that is entirely context sensitive. if the buyer (and\or seller) is unhappy and an agreement can’t be reached, then CS should be summoned. talking as a buyer who has never sold or made a gig, it’s the only way that makes sense to me. teh buyer probably didn’t even do it on purpose…

to the OP you could try requesting a time extension, explaining the situation, explain that he should accept the gig or explain what needs changing, then redeliver the gig. i don’t if that would help, i hope CS can, and that your profile isn’t negatively effected

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None of those things would reverse lateness on your record. That’s my point.

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Ot doesn’t make any sense to do that on fiverr. And @humanissocial and @chris_ld already explained why. It just feels that everyone here ignored it.

Oh well. Because of this silly questions that people send to CS it takes them so long to respond nowadays.

  1. There is nothing fiverr CS can do.
  2. Secondly as @chris_ld already told you, IT DIDNT HURT YOU. That is just a bug that counts total time but it wouldn’t affect your statistics if you delivered your order within the deadline (even if it shows late sign)
  3. All you have to do is to redeliver your order with a polite message with something like “hey, I see you requested a revision without a revision request so I send you again all the files that I created for you so you can download them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need some changes or if you need help with fiverr system and how it works”.

Simple as that. There is nothing for fiverr to resolve because there is no real problem. It can be resolved with a simple communication.
If you want to be a good freelancer you need to learn how to communicate with your clients because fiverr CS is there to resolve technical issues and not to communicate with your clients instead of you.


Just redeliver the gig with a message saying something like “I appreciate you saying ‘thank you’. But it appears you’ve accidentally requested a revision, rather than accept the delivery. If you are happy with my work, please accept this delivery. If you do require a revision can you please explain what you need changing”.

It really is that simple. It’s communication. Keep it concise, friendly and professional. Your buyer might have made a simple mistake. However if ever customer support do need to step in, then they will see from your message that you have been proactive.


Shayan, I hope that this all works out for you. I would not worry too much about this issue whether it is “resolved” or not. I understand that it is upsetting, especially when you are not in the wrong! I am sure that the customer will understand once you explain or at least leave a great review! It is just a small blip in the road. Stay calm, and stay strong!

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Making snide remarks and talking to the OP like wayward child is gross. Especially when they are already stressed, and asking for advice.

“Because of this [these?] silly questions that people send to CS it takes them so long to respond nowadays”. Like a mutter under your breath about how 'These millennials are ruining the diamond industry". You can get your point across without being like that. Still, I hope that you have a better day today though, and stay safe.


Jeez, you are being really rude/condescending to the person who came to the forum for advice. Yeah, you guys told him the black and white, but there is no reason to act like that. Making snide remarks and talking to the OP like wayward child is gross.

“What’s so hard to understand?”.

I would never talk to someone like that: family, friend, or complete stranger. You can get your point across without being a total jerk.


if you sent the files in time then the delivery is not late

I don’t think it will count on your record as late since you delivered the initial order on time. Just redeliver and keep it moving. Maybe the buyer doesn’t fully understand how the platform works.

There is nothing snarky about that.
I actually find it a bit disrespectful to people who gave advice before me and OP ignored it.
People already gave him a solution and explained everything but he still ignored it.
My comment is clearly explaining him steps and what he missed. And it is true that he is sending unnecessary questions to CS. And someone who needed real help for example with payment problems etc will wait longer because CS will have to answer him the same what we just did on the forum.

Well, then this passive aggressive comment is disgusting to me.
And of course your comment with “stay strong” helps him much more than the actual advice on actions he should take. Maybe you can also add something with “I’ll pray for you”, that will be very useful for him.


Yes your comment did, to me, come off as snarky. You could have said it in a nicer way. No one is asking you to give them a lollipop and a pat on the head.

You never know what someone is going through. It may not seem like a big deal, but what if this felt serious to the OP? What if the OP was panicking, maybe as extreme as a panic attack (highly doubt it, but possible)? The remark that you said was snide. The tone of your post seemed more a parent disciplining their awful kid, than a seller giving another seller helpful advice.

This is the same reason I hope that you have a good day and stay safe, as well. For all I know, you could have just had a bad too. I work in customer service and it happens. I was giving the benefit of the doubt. Should I wish that you get COVID-19 because I think your comment was rude?

I like giving motivation to someone who feels like they are in a bad place. Words of encouragement are not a crime, and it could make someone’s day.


Yes, I’m terse if people debate me and others several times with repetition after I’ve already explained things, especially if they’ve ignored other people who are trying to help.

I don’t have to tolerate people wasting my time when I’m trying to help them and I don’t have to tolerate them disregarding the advice of others who have taken the time to help, as @mariashtelle1 explained.

He asked for my help. I gave it to him. That wasn’t good enough for him and he kept debating me with repetitive faulty logic. And he didn’t even thank me or others.

I don’t have to be cordial who treat people like that who have tried to help.

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