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Buyer is iresposible & Order Delivery Deadline Dtae is reached

Buyer order my gig and i send him design options after almost 2 days of getting Order. Order have to be delivered in 5 days. Now 1 day remains to deliver this order.
I did all the hard work on the project and I am in problem now.
What should i do? I send message to buyer again and again but useless. He didn’t Contact with me or reply to my request.
so can anyone help me out of this.


Since he placed the order you can make the delivery and not wait for his reply. I’m not sure if I really understand your problem. Are you waiting for him to choose between the design options you have?

I think that’s the issue. I would deliver the options with a note explaining that the delivery date has passed and to inbox me whenever they come back to get the final option done. If they never get back, great! If they do get back, proceed with the order. No point fretting about it.

I agree.

yes he didn’t yet choose any design option. that’s the real problem, if I know about the selected design i wil deliver that. Because revisions are affordable instead of LATE order delivery.
is it?

Deliver both with a note that they need to contact you to select whichever design it is they want. If they’ve disappeared for whatever reason, you don’t have much choice. They could be anywhere between forgetful or dead, and waiting for them to reply for a “late delivery” harms you. So redeliver your options and remind the buyer that they need to take action.

Thank you very much for providing such a helpful note.
again thanks all of you.
Best Regards