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Buyer is irritating alot due to unexplainable revisions

Hello everyone! Xyz buyer placed an order to me ! I did it completely. I recorded a video and showed him how is it working and attached the original file and delivered it to him. As he received it he asked for modification to add it to his website . As this wasn’t what I included in this package however i thought to do it, as it won’t take more than 15 minutes of mine. But when he sent me details I got to know I have no experience in what he is asking me to integrate. I searched for a good YouTube video and sent him the link to follow it and apologised him for that I can’t do it as my inexperience may cause him serious issue to his data or whatever. Now, whenever I send him order he send back for revisions. I’m getting annoyed.

What should I do ? I’ve requested him number of times to mark it as complete as the thing he’s asking me isn’t the part of order request.


If there’s no free revisions in that gig you could let him know/add an extra for the extra revisions.
I don’t think we’re supposed to ask them to complete the order though.
Also maybe remove “unlimited revisions” from any gigs that have it.

What does he want you to do? Can you outsource it (hire someone to do it for you)?

He’s asking me to add node.js file to his azure as I have no experience in it and he wants it for free too.

If I’ve asked him to mark it as complete as order is now completed. Will it give me a warning ?

Probably not. But it’s probably best not to say it to the buyer again/future buyers just in case.
The order will be completed 3 days after a delivery/revision unless he asks for another revision anyway.

He doesn’t even wait for a minute to put revision. So I stopped sending order again it might give me warning for it. What should I do now !

Maybe tell him that the gig doesn’t offer free revisions if it doesn’t. Maybe say again that what he is asking is outside the scope of what you offer in the gig and outside what was originally requested. If he’s asking for something you don’t know how to do, say that again to him and say you only offer the services listed on the gig.

Another option could be requesting to cancel if he keeps doing it but you’ve already done the work that you said you would (original requirements) and a cancellation will affect stats and could lead to a demotion depending on number orders in the last 60 days.

You could contact CS and explain the issue but I’m not sure they’d be totally okay with you asking the buyer to complete the order.

For things you don’t know how to do and you think are risky for you to do, showing them a link to how to do it is probably best or it maybe better to ask them to find another seller to do that task you don’t know how to do or that isn’t offered in your gig.

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