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Buyer is late with info, time is almost over


I received the order for improvements of client’s website. Gig is estimated to last for 7 days. More than 5 days have passed, but client didn’t provide login data. Last message from him was 24h ago when he told me that his webmaster should finish some preparations first and that it will be done soon.

Since I will need more than a few hours to finish the gig, there is serious risk that I will not be able to meet the deadline.

What should I do?
I was thinking about clicking
Resolve Now -> I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer
Resolve Now -> The buyer will order again

There is also option just to wait for client to provide needed information and to trust him that he will accept delays.
In this case, will this affect my reputation?


-> Resolve now
-> I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer
-> Ask buyer to Extend Deadline


Thanks for the reply. That option would be perfect, but it isn’t offered to me.
I can choose among following:
What issue are you having with this order?

  • The buyer will order again
  • We couldn’t agree on the price
  • The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this Gig
  • I’m not able to do this job
  • The buyer is not responding
  • Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work
  • I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer
  • Other


This one? :slight_smile:

_…Last time this happened, I did what I thought the client wanted and received my 1st Negative rating…



If you aren’t able to ask to extend the time out, just cancel it or choose “Buyer will order again” and under your reason, state “Buyer will reorder when they have information and all details ready.” or “It’d be best to cancel this for now considering you aren’t fully prepared yet and i’d need more then a few hours to assist you with this project. Once you have everything ready on your end, you are free to reorder and I will gladly assist you”. If you let things continue as they are, it can easily turn into a terrible situation that will most likely leave you with a negative review. Save yourself now.


You have to click ‘I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer’ then you will get the option to extend or cancel.

  • If you not got deadline yet , and client is not responding you can extend order time.If buyer not accept / decline your time extension then it will automatically accepted . as client need to select one option as per your request.

  • from your mentioned issue that your customer is waiting for your webmaster then you should need to wait more for complete project with your buyer via extend delivery time.

  • yes if you deliver order late , it’s effect you on your fiverr selling progress .it’s not affect on your reputation but it effect on your progress of selling.

Pro Tip : If your customer told you to wait for this work then you should need to wait , no matter how quick you can do work . But if this matter effect you on delivery time and agreed deal then you just need to explain why you sending extension to buyer and they will understand it and can accept it.

You can send extension via following steps :

1.Having issues with your order ?
2.Resolve Now
3.Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work
4.Extend the delivery time


Thank you all. You were very helpful.
My solution was:
Resolve Now -> I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer -> Extend the delivery time.

You should also know that there is text box where you should explain why you want to extend delivery time. What you write in that text box will be visible to the client too.