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Buyer is literally asking to cancel order when all the work has been completed

Buyer is literally asking to cancel order when all the work has been completed. I have completed all of the requests before completing he was saying you are going really good and i’ll work with you further, blaw blaw blaw, now when i have completed and he is saying no i am not satisfied, or you haven’t completed i have explained everything that what is do able what is not. But now he is not accepting the order as complete from his end, nor cancelling, and asking me to cancel. as all of the work has been completed. Now i don’t know what should i do, i have spent three days, configure everything as she asked.

Any suggestions for me?

I already have sent message and the screenshots to Fiverr support complaining.

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If you have completed it according to the order description then just deliver it . Do not give any free work to the buyer … :grinning::grinning:

Yes i did, exactly. I have delivered. She is not accepting nor cancelling. But i am afraid when time auto completes, she will get mad on me and provide me bad review or something.

If she give bad review then you can show the conversation between you and the buyer to the support …

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If so, support can remove that bad review? from my profile?

If that violate TOS then support will remove it .

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Thanks so much, now it seems like, Sellers on Fiverr has some rights.

Definitely Sellers have rights . Sellers are not here to give free works . If the buyer ask for modification then do that if you are offering multiple revision … And deliver it until she do not accept . :grinning:


Take screenshots of that part and involve the CS team. List the buyer requirements and what you did, prove it that you have completed their requirements. This is all you can do.

But i don’t know how much the CS team would like to help, i had a same issue, i involved the CS team, i was told to do a mutual agreement, which literally lead to a cancelled order.

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The support team no longer remove the bad reviews unless the review itself is against TOS.

I have mentioned that before. :grinning:

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So if the buyer leave a 1 star and write something like “Not how i expected, not recommend” it will not be removed.


And if he show the conversation ss to the support then it will not removed? :thinking: