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Buyer is misusing the modification botton

I have completed the work all that he said also he changes his demands 5th times but I still do the edit as he asks 2 times revisions on demands.

Now he wants to changes the whole design it’s not fair

I have to do the whole work again it’s totally unfair against buyers
Need Help to resolve these issues I never had a unfair and rude customer like him he is totally acting like a ringmaster I need help Buyer is misusing the modification botton


I had a buyer like this a few weeks back, and in the end my order completion rate was affected. Did the buyer pay for extra revisions or you did unlimited revisions? My advice is to go and cancel the order. A buyer who is uncertain about what they want would never be satisfied with what you deliver. So stop wasting time on it.

:sob::sob::cry::sob: today is bad day of my. Same pinch, I just open cancelled, I want want provide best satisfaction of my buyer, if buyer not satisfied with my service I can take own risk own lost, not need to missuses with buyer