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Buyer is more important


buyer is more important then seller. We are seller and I found a buyer who order on my gig in a basic package without any discussion but buyer wants form me a premium package service. When I alert the buyer , he give me a disput and Fiverr fined me $5. In that case what is my fault.I am very much disappointed about it.


I’ve never heard Fiverr fine people before. Did they not just cancel the order? Did you contact CS and show them that the buyer ordered the basic package and not the Premium one that they wanted doing in the Basic order?


it is not possible that fiverr fined anyone, though they may refund the money which you would be paid upon the completion of order but they donot deduct your cleared funds


When I alert him he cancel the order with a disput.


Don’t know bro waht is the reason.


just knock fiverr CS


Yes I will knock Fiverr CS


I have a similar situation i completed the order as per the requirements and told the seller exclusively that they need to upgrade there hosting plan for the system to work properly. The order was marked as completed now he comes back after 15 days threatening me to refund else he would go to CS and have it refunded . Any solution for this? As i completed the order and at the time of completion his website was working flawlessly.


Create a dispute against buyer. this is the only way you can get out of this matter


he hasn’t started one yet. Can fiverr still refund him after such a long time has passed?


Agree with you my bro :slight_smile:


Yes if Fiverr want they can do this.