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Buyer is no longer available on Fiverr platform

I completed 2 order from same buyer. Both payment was in pending clearance. One of them will clear in 6 Nov and another one would be in 8 Nov.
This morning I saw that the 2nd order which would be clear in 8 Nov, is cancelled. I go to support center. They said the buyer is no longer available on Fiverr platform. So by automatically they cancelled my order.
But my first order is still in pending section.
Is there any hope that I can get my money back?
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If Buyers are no longer present on Fiverr, it usually means they did a PayPal Chargeback, :money_with_wings: or they were up to some other shady shenanigans. :male_detective:
You may not get any of your money. :open_mouth:

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But I still have another order payment in pending section from the same buyer.

Maybe he did the chargeback for that specific order.

If he chargeback for that specific order then why CS said that the buyer is no longer available. I think they messed up something. I think @asifo1 you should contact CS again and tell them about first pending clearance. Best of luck.

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You will get this money, I think cancelled order was a chargeback and for this reason buyer profile is no longer available.

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