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Buyer is not accepting the offer after he got the stuff

How can I report a buyer?
Buyer requests for the stuff. He agrees for the payment but after checking half of the work.
He checks the work and then confirms for the other half. But when everything is complete, he refuses to pay by saying that " This is not what he wanted."
Now he is ignoring me and not even replying to my messages.

Please help me in reporting the buyer as the work was of $100 and it required equivalent time for that.

If you have proof contact customer support with your proof, they will help you.


You got tricked into doing free work. Never do any work until an order is placed first.


Let me get this straight. Buyer promises you a job worth $100 and then says he needs to see at least 50% done before he can make up his mind on whether to continue working with you or not. So, you finish 50% and then show it to him. He says fine… finish the other half too… And then you finish the other half too…

Are you seriously telling me you did :arrow_up: ALL THIS WORK without him ever placing an order with you or you sending a custom offer to him to begin with?

If that’s the case, I am sorry… The buyer is not to blame… It is on you… I am sorry to say this but that’s just plain crazy on your part. You cannot report the buyer for that.

DO NOT start working on the job (or at least, do not share your work with the buyer in any way) before the buyer has either placed an actual order (through your gig) or has ACCEPTED the custom offer (that you had sent to them).


I am sorry to hear that you suffered this. You should have given him an idea, concept or generic example of your idea, like hanashivoice said below. You should never have done the work in advance and let him see it. Were you communicating with him through the message page? You should have directed him to the order page ASAP, and began to communicate from there.

I had a customer who pleaded with me to show her the names that I had in mind for her new business. I told her that I could not do that because I had no way of ensuring that she would not use them anyway, after saying that she did not like them. She whined that she did not want to spend money for names that she did not like. I explained to her that she was paying for my effort to create names. I gave her a description of the type of names I had in mind. I was not going to give her any of my names without her placing the gig order first. I told her that I wanted to help her since she said she was not having any luck getting what she wanted through buyer requests. I said that I needed more time than 24 hrs. So after a little more discussion she ordered the gig.

I ended up making her very happy with the names that I created for her. If I had not stood my ground by refusing to give her actual work in advance, I probably would not have her gig order under my belt now, and I would not have her enthusiastic feedback in my account.


If the buyer did not place an order in advance for the entire project, Support cannot help. Proof of “promise” has nothing to do with it.


Its important to understand the work so you can ask question and clear the confusions. Once you think I can do this job just place the order if you are afraid that of cancelations then don’t take the job. When you are 100% sure you can provide what is needed just place order.

If order was for 100$ atleast you could have told him to make sects like pay only 30$ once half work is done we can place order for next 70$ in this way atleast you could have reached CS and you probably would have got money and also the user would have been banned.

However, when you kept working without order you are yourself responsible for this.