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Buyer is not cancelling the order and Customer support is not responding


So this happen last night.
A buyer order 6 orders worth 50 usd,
He purchased 6 basic gigs.
And when he send me the work they were all atleast for premium gig.
I requested him to cancel or pay the full price and extend the deadline as per the premium gig.
He refueses and threatened me with a bad review.
Then after 24 hours and getting 2 samples for free he cancelled 5 orders out of 6 and kept 1 order open and order another 1 basic order.
And now again wants me to work on a video which will roughly take 3 days and cost him atleast 100 usd.
I am constantly requesting him to cancel both orders but he is constantly refusing and forcing me.
One order is due in just 8 hours and the other one in 36 hours.
I’m a new seller but had 50 sales previously.
I have contacted support and opened 2 separate tickets to cancel this but it is more than 32 hours and the CS is not responding at all.
What should i do now.
CS is not responding and cancelling,buyer is refusing and blackmailing me,if i somehow deliver him this for 5 $, i know for sure he will leave a bad review or force me to work on one more video.
I am scared that if fiverr support did not respond and the order gets one.


Man, the more I read these forums, the more glad I am that I’m just a basic buyer who just came here to get some stuff done for his YT channel.

Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully you don’t get shafted.


Hi @umar_shoaib1210,

Until you hear from CS, keep sending your buyer a cancellation request, no matter how many times he refuses to.

Please don’t keep opening tickets. CS is taking up to 10 days, or longer, to respond, due to the amount of work they’re having since the pandemic started.

I don’t know if in any of your open tickets you told CS your buyer was blackmailing you with leaving a bad review. In case you didn’t, go to the corresponding ticket and explain CS the situation, attaching proof of what you’re saying.


I told them each and everything and attached screenshots.
This is the type of buyer that will constantly blackmail me once i deliver him to do more work or will leave a bad review.
The only thing i am worried about is order getting 24 hours late in the next day and they will automatically mark it as undeliver and cancel it and will give me a one star review.

he get the order from his other fiverr profile and now he outsourced to me and forcing me.
He cacelled 5 and now keep on opening 2 orders and keep on blackmailing me.
It’s been 3 days and fiverr support is not cancelling the order and not responding.
Previously they cancel the order on my request in just 1 day.
I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

There’s a pandemic going on and people are still on lockdown.

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this buyer is abusing me and trying to downrate me for just 5 dollars man.
A month ago the fiverr support cancelled the order on my requst in just 18 hours.
Don’t know what’sup with them this time.