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Buyer is not communicating properly, please suggest



This is my 2nd fiverr project. 1st one buyer got away with work by aking me through messages.

2nd one got order to create a google form. I have created and delivered. Buyer reject es starting he need extra theme n and an unusual request to design check box as circle with different color.

When I tired to clarify in chat buyer did not respond. So i have changed the theme but could not perform 2nd change as it is not possible in google form.

Starting the same, i have delivered the gig.

Till now no reply from buyer. Only 5 more hours left for the gig.

Suggestion s please.

Thanks and regards


Buyer could be busy or maybe they just don’t want to reply. I had a couple experience where the buyer was not responding and it could be for many reasons so i would suggest you give the buyer some time to respond don’t rush the buyer as this can make you seem desperate, Also be polite in your responses to the buyer.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Sure. I am worried whether he needs further any changes or not.

I don’t want to disappoint my client.


Why worry? You delivered, I hope you used deliver now feature and not in chat, in 3 days it will be marked completed and you get paid. AND we can always try not to disappoint but hey I don’t see how since you have done what was asked. Remember making everyone happy is an impossible mission, the world is yet to see 1 person who ever succeeded in that mission. And if you are worried about reviews, don’t, some clients use that worry to blackmail sellers to do more for less.


Thank you. You are right.May be as a newbie i am worrying too much.

I used deliver now option only.

Hope for the best. There are lot more projects to work on for me.