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Buyer is not good

I send the order to buyer.
Buyer ask me some question what is hapening in the code.
I answer it

Buyer: I almost solve the problem in my way using only for loop, only around 20 lines of code. So, I do not need your ugly code at all. But I am going to complete the order because you spent time for it.

Buyer Complete Order with 5 star and he write in review "Seller tried to complete the task "

What i complete it and how you complete your task 20 lines its 100 lines of code.
you can’t use for loop where we need while loop in python.
Buyer is just trying to telling i’m a good coder then you give me order.
And saying my code is ugly
I’m very angry on ugly word. 5$ project my mistake i should charge him high.
Very Rude buyer.

What should i do guys, should i complain it to fiverr about his behaviour.

No don’t complain, about what? He did nothing wrong at all aside from calling your code ugly. He’s allowed to do that. You got a 5 star review and that’s all that matters.

You need a much thicker skin, you’re way too sensitive. And it is not what customer support is for, to complain to them about his being rude. If he cursed at you that would be different but he didn’t do anything wrong. Just wasn’t very nice.


I think this is an off-topic post.
But, if I were you, I would remove the word “Assignment” from the gig title.
It’s against the terms to do any kind of assignment.

One of my buyers ordered my gig and mentioned the word assignment inside the order, and I replied, I don’t do any assignment. The next morning my gig became history, and support didn’t help me to recover my gig. It was my best selling gig by the way.


Wow! That doesn’t sound right. I’m so sorry about that!

I had some idiot mention can you do my homework problem once but I just said no. No idea why anyone would mention that to me. But I’m shocked by what you told.

Yeah, sometimes you don’t do anything yet you have to carry the burden. I was inactive for 4-5 months after that incident, cause I wasn’t getting any orders at all without the gig I lost.
When I realized it was just an accident, I came back :smiley:

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Nothing. Just move on.

About what? Calling your code ugly (in messages, not even in the review)? What would you expect them to do about it?


If the buyer said something untruthful (like implying that you didn’t actually complete the task when you did complete it) maybe CS might help but it risks a warning from CS if they think you’re trying to alter/remove the review when they think you don’t have a valid cause (like if the review isn’t against the TOS).

You could just reply to the review if you wanted stating your side, eg. that the task was completed and that the code worked to the specified requirements or whatever.

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Calling your code ugly (in messages, not even in the review)? What would you expect them to do about it?

It depends whether that could be seen as “Rude, abusive, improper language” - which would be against the TOS. If it’s not then it’s okay.

The user conduct section of the TOS also says “Fiverr maintains a friendly, community spirited, and professional environment. Users should keep to that spirit while participating in any activity or extensions of Fiverr”.

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It could be a language barrier. They were communicating in a language that is not their own, and that buyer left a somewhat similar (and also 5 star) review to another seller.