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Buyer is not loging in and changing his review


hello all users and fiverr team,

I am in a real danger I started freelancing three months ago I I also got orders completed them got five star reviews but suddenly I got an order from a buyer who is new to fiverr who bought my package and liked my work and he said he will give me best review but one complete day passed and he didn’t review me I leave him a message to review me and mark order as complete because he liked my work but he got angry that I asked him to review me he gave me a negative review he liked my work but it is reality. then I searced about it and I found out that I can ask him to review me again so I open a dispute but 2 days passed he is not logging in again what to do now? please tell me


Order completed. Waiting for review 🙏

There is nothing you can do. Please do not try to keep contacting him.
I’m sorry this happened to you.

I see it is 2.5 stars with this review:

“quick response and demanded to be reviewed.”

That’s not such a bad review. I don’t know how you requested a review but be careful about that. And at this point, leave him alone about the review.


I also get annoyed when sellers are pushy about asking for reviews. I think it’s awkward and aggressive. Sellers shouldn’t ever directly ask for reviews. I can see why your buyer was upset. We’re here for customers and to make money, not to get reviews. Yeah positive reviews help you to get more customers, but what good is that if you’re pissing existing customers off? The payment you receive should be enough of a reward.

Some customers don’t leave reviews and that should be fine with sellers. I had a seller do this to me once and I never bought anything from them again.