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Buyer is not marking my order as complete its 11 day running

Got an order from a buyer 10 days ago, he needed an E-mail template. He gave me clear direction, even demo copy of what he wants.

That was ok! I started working and delivered him the work and I gave him a 100% match of what he wanted. now he is acting weird. first of all, he said," this does not meet his business". I was shocked.

But he does not tell me what is not perfect, or what he wants? I message him many times but he does not reply, but he is online, its already 11 days running, when I redeliver he just sends me modification request just before the 3-day autocomplete.

please suggest me what should I do, or what will be the best decision, that will not affect my account.


hahahaha ! same as here ,simple think to say ignore it ,:slight_smile:

if a order stays such for a long time, does it make any affect to my account? do you have any clear information on that?

If you ignore it, it’ll be marked as late. If he isn’t communicating the problem, then you may be able to do something through the resolution center or reach out to Fiverr support.