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Buyer is not paying and only pressing the request modification feature to delay the payment

I have a recent working experience with the buyer here. When I delivered they started pressing the revision button without asking for an actual change. I contact the support and they only encourage me to communicate with the buyer if I do not want to cancel the order. I have a very frustrating experience with that buyer and 6 months before I worked with a similar buyer and they are able to refund the money from the Fiverr support after 1 month and my balance went negative. I also contact support but nothing happens and it was not the chargeback by PayPal.

(The work is custom web development and both orders are custom offers and not the regular gigs)

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You have to talk sense to the buyer so he won’t ask for a refund from Support or worst case do a charge back (although if he does a chargeback, he ends up getting banned by Fiverr). Discuss in a non-threatening yet firm way that you were able to do the work requested, your gig includes this number of revisions, what area does he need assistance in, etc etc…

But there really are some difficult buyers out there. So, yeah, there’s that…

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