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Buyer is not paying

Hi everyone,
my buyer is not paying. i delivered my work. what should i do?


Then most likely you misused the platform.

First buyers place an order, pay it in full, submit requirements and only after that you start working.

If you don’t have an open order then there is nothing you can do. I suggest for you to read fiverr help page and learn how fiverr system works.

If there is a different situation then you need to elaborate your problem. We are not mind readers to know what exactly happened.


@samurai_webdev can you please be more explicit on how the whole thing happened?

There suppose to be an open order for you to start working.

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That is a big NO. As fiverr strongly advising you should start working ONLY after placing an order. I would advise for you too to read fiverr rules and how fiverr works.
They have a great help page a free online course on how to be a great seller.


yes Fiverr doesn’t promote that but some buyers come up with random request It can go wrong!
but for a new seller it can help if it stick with specific work cause first message is a big big hope.

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That’s why you have chat system to determine the scope of work. No matter if you are a new seller or not if you are doing work prior to placing an order then you most likely will be scammed.

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Yes @mariashtelle1 is right you most likely will be scammed. Its all up to you. Most often you should follow some specific things…

@samurai_webdev He is not a buyer because he did not buy. He is just some random guy you did free work for.

They have to place an order before you begin any work for them.


You contact to your buyer and tell him complete the order . or It will be auto complete and you will get your money . thanks

But there wasn’t an order open- so the buyer doesn’t have to pay.

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If buyer did not completing order then simple delivered order and waiting for 3 days.
after 3 days order automatic marked as completed.

I strongly suggest to learn how fiverr works, you need an order first then with the provided infos you can star working on the gig.

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he bought my gig… but then saying that its not what he wants and cancelled even after few revisions…