Buyer is not provided the job information and decline cancellation


Hi everyone,
I received the order without prior notification and it has 3 days delivery time. The buyer has not given any information about the job. When I asked him he said he will be sending the information within 24 hours. But I have not received any information till now. I sent chats to him regarding this, he is not responded. I sent a cancellation dispute to the buyer. But he is decline the cancellation. Without information what can I do.
I’m not sure what he is expecting from me to do.

Please suggest, what should I do now.


Perhaps you just need to be patient. The timer on an order does not start counting down until the buyer answers your gig questions. Clearly your buyer is responding to you (he has, after all, declined your cancellation request). Give him the benefit of the doubt (and, if necessary, don’t be afraid to keep reminding him to answer your gig questions).

You’re not losing anything by being patient with him. It is likely that he clearly wants to work with you (or else he wouldn’t have declined your cancellation request). So… work with him. Impatience doesn’t go well with success.


Is the information you need a mandatory requirement before the gig starts?

If yes, then just chill. He’ll either send you the information or he won’t. It won’t have any effect on your profile.

If no, then make it so as soon as possible. And for this gig, keep it professional, but politely tell him that now you must cancel because you don’t have time to fill the order, but he can order again when he’s ready and has the requirements. If he still refuses to cancel, keep sending cancellation requests, and contact Customer Services and ask them to cancel the order for you. As long as you are always polite and professional then Customer Services can be very helpful.


You should include requirements in the gig. That way the clock don’t start until they are completed. Wait until last day and then contact CS to cancel it.


@jonbaas in my gig I have set different requirements if a buyer came and put a single “.” Fiverr detect this dot as answered given, the clock starts ticketing.
I am working on a project buyer ordered different things when asked to provide the details got replied “not decided yet” I mean what can I design for them for their Menu.


Maybe you aren’t asking the right questions.


Dear, let me clear. order war placed for a menu. I asked to give me the content, she replied not decided yet so where I am wrong to asking her for the content? Can you design without the proper information?


Can you design without proper information - not unless you’re a mind reader!

If the countdown’s ticking, you’re losing time you could be designing - ask for a mutual cancellation first as the buyer has not supplied the requirements you need.

If that doesn’t help, then ask CS to cancel for you.


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