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Buyer is not providing the changes nor she is accepting the delivery extension time

Hello everyone, so i have gig where i make quotes on plain background, recently got an order and completed and now the buyer wants the review but she says she is too busy to provide the changes as she is always on the go. she is telling that she will be free by next week or 2. I don’t know whats the solution here. Will my order will get automatically cancelled?


No. You’ll be kept on stand by until she provides you with what she wants to be modified.

Advice: Do not redeliver the order without doing the requested revison. Otherwise, your buyer will more than right to ask for the order to be cancelled.


thank you so much for this


If I don’t receive clear instructions about the revision, I always re-deliver the order.
I had a lot of buyers who told me “I will use the revision button just in case” without providing any information about the required changes.
In your case, she doesn’t even know how long it’s going to take.
Keeping in mind the algorithm of Fiverr, you never know how such orders may affect you.

In addition, I can see that you don’t offer free revisions in your “plain background quotes” gig.


Hi Vov,

From what I understood on OP’s comment, the buyer will be providing instructions in 1 or 2 weeks since she won’t be free until then. This is not a case of “just in case”. It seems she knows what changes are or will be required.

I had a buyer who kept me 28 days on hold, and it didn’t affect my gig in any way. It kept showing on first page.

Oh, I didn’t take a look to the OP’s gig so I didn’t know there were no revisions offered. In this case, it’s up to @patilandpatil whether to provide the requested revision or not.


Now the buyer is asking if i can deliver other 200 quotes instead, because she thinks the quotes i have provided has grammatical mistakes and she don’t have time to correct them. I refused her and told that i will make the changes on those only, i cannot provide whole new 200 quotes thats not a revision thats a new order. she is offline from then and i guess i get a negative review after order completion.

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@patilandpatil, you are right on refusing to do new 200 quotes. That’s not a revison. And it’s also good you agreed in correcting the mistakes.

Nevertheless, since you offer quotes, you should never, ever, deliver your orders without proofreading what you wrote. Much less now that is known you don’t provide revisions, as @vovkaslovesnyy pointed out.

First, because offering writing, and doing it incorrectly, speaks bad about you. And second, because you’re giving buyers the chance to rightfully cancel their orders.


my client wanted quotes of skincare so i have not written them(i am not a quote writer) i have copied from internet for which my buyer has provided me the search terms. now if the grammar of those quotes on internet are incorrect as per the buyer then what can i do
PS- i looked her insta account she has already started posting the quotes > Blockquote

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I see :slight_smile: I think it depends on the customer, but I would never wait even 1 day without clear instructions on the revision.

Sometimes it’s better to get a negative review than making 200 and 200 and 200 more quotes for free.


Since you agreed in correcting the mistakes, and told your buyer you will do it, then correct them, redeliver and please keep us updated.

One more thing. I’ve seen your gig, and you state the folowing:

“Requirement : You just need to provide me with the quotes (text) to be written on background. If you want me to research i can do that also but please do contact me for that.”

Two points about it:

1.- Since you offer to reseach for quotes, be sure those that you choose have no mistakes.

2.- You should add something like that quotes provided by your buyers should be error free, since you’re not a proofreader, and proofreading isn’t part of the service you provide.


Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. really appreciate it

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yeah i think so, but as a new seller it would affect my profile.

You’re most welcome, @patilandpatil.


That’s against fiverr TOS to keep an order open and use your work. She can use it only after she marked order as a complete


Yes you are right but my gig is to provide 200 quotes on plain background and so i have to deliver that 200 quotes images as a .zip file, so there is no watermark of fiverr

what action should i take here?

It’s all about your communication skills.
You need to explain everything to her step by step and how platform works, very polite but firm.

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thank you so much for the help

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