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Buyer is not replying after placing order

About three days ago a buyer sent me message.He asked me to do some modification in his website .I told him they might not be pssible so I have to analyse your website first.But he placed order and gave details.I checked his website and asked him I have to do some modificatios otherwise his task cant be done.But he changed credentials after it not replying.Only 22 hours are remaining.What shoul I di now?


You can contact CS to ask them to cancel on your behalf, but they probably won’t get back to you for over a week.

If I were you I would offer to cancel the order. It’s a shame they placed an order despite being told you probably can’t help them.


He is even not replying. So should I send a request of cancellation from resolution center

That is probably your most practical route. If you can’t offer the service he requested, that is what CS would recommend.

Or, if you want to risk waiting ages, you can submit a ticket to CS to ask them to cancel on your behalf to avoid having your completion rate docked. It will take a long time though so it may not be practical. Up to you.


@mudassar002 i recommend you to not cancel the order, it will effect your gig ranking you cancel it or CS cancel the order. you should deliver his order according to his requirement " and write there in the delivery due to not getting your response i have sent the work according to your requirement so if you need any changes contact me" and when he come back he will ask for revision if he need any.
I hope it will help.
Good Luck


This is incorrect. If you cancel via the resolution centre, your completion rate will go down. If you ask CS to intervene, in most cases it will not affect your completion rate.

You need to be extremely careful doing this. The seller cannot deliver what the buyer has requested in his requirements. If the seller delivers anyway, they may get a warning for incomplete delivery.


@gwyneth_galvin But he is not going to send incomplete work he sending the order according to requirement which are mentioned at the time of order. So i don’t think there is any problem to send the work.

But what can they deliver if they’re physically incapable of doing the work laid out by the buyer?

Right As I don’t have any credentials to work on his website. It means I don’t have a single thing or work to deliever.Because I haven’t done anything . So Now I also have contacted cs but I think I have to go with decrease in delievery rate by cancelling order. Otherwise if I wait for cs response it will be more dangerous to late delievery or cancelation than at this time.What is your kind suggestion? Thanks

Yeah, the buyer will be able to cancel the order if it goes over 24 hrs late.

I recommend requesting the cancellation but keeping your ticket with CS open just in case the buyer doesn’t respond.