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Buyer is not responding after I delivered my work

Hi, I got my first offer on 13 October, 2020. I completed it on time and delivered it in 11 hours due time. But buyer just said that, he will contact me if he face any problem. And didn’t mark my order as completed. What should I do now?

Besides, I checked the buyer’s profile he didn’t gave any 5 star ratings to anyone. If he gave me below 5 stars like 2 or 3 star intentionally, then do I have to to do anything against that? Because it’s my first order on fiverr and completed it with full sincerity. without wasting any time. I’m feeling nervous about that.
What should I do now?


Delivered orders will be marked as “completed” after 3 days.
Don’t send any message to your buyer asking to give you a feedback or review or whatever. Just wait for them.
If they don’t leave any review don’t worry about it and move on.
It happens to everybody :slight_smile:


I remember my first order. I was so happy that someone has purchased from my services and that I could get my first feedback.

Well, the buyer didn’t leave me a review. It was disappointing, because after that I didn’t get any orders. One day I had the opportunity to work with a client which I got through Buyer’s Requests. After that everything went good and now I am Level 2 seller.

Just keep going and don’t give up.


Yes! I was so excited that I worked continuously day and night!

He placed an order without any conversation with me, it was completely unexpected for me. And also has gave me very less time to complete. As it was my first order I didn’t let it be canceled and worked with my heart and soul.

But what if he give me 2/3 stars review? I analyzed his profile and the sellers he previously worked with, he had never given a 5 star. Maximums are good review with 3/4 star. If unfortunately or intentionally he gave me bad stars then will I ever be able to outgrow from it?

Can he still cancel the order after the delivery or after completing the 3 days period?

As far as I know, he could. But don’t worry. Even if he will give you 3 or 4 stars, it will be fine. Don’t stress yourself about this matter


Thanks :slight_smile: