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Buyer is not responding after requesting revision

I hope I chose the right category for this!

So basically I got aproached by a buyer that wanted to buy a translation for me, so it’s all good.

Two weeks later, I finished the translation, I sent it to them and after around 1 day they “requested a revision” asking about how many revisions are they allowed to have, to which i said 5. Some time has passed with the “revision” tag on the order, and I asked them how is the translation so far, to which they said it was okay. The very next day they said that their client (I assume they hired someone to check the text for them) said was an error, and I fixed it and again sent the work (Not by the deliver again button, but in the chat, so they wouldn’t have to request another revision, I was just being polite)
2 weeks have passed to which I once again sent the fixed file (no contact whatsoever with the buyer in all this time)

5 more days passed without contact, and at the end of the 6th day, they finally contacted me again requesting a revision saying “they need more time” to check it… Right now the order is in “revision” again… I tried to talk to them twice during this time but no contact at all…

I also did a bit of stalking, and they are buying some other stuff and they are completing those orders but not mine…

What should I do? I worked hard for a lot of hours… I really want that money


Hello @theallrounder73
Since your buyer isn’t responding, you should re-deliver your work along with a message that is “Since you’re not responding thats why I am delivering my work”.
If the buyer does not accept the delivery within 72 hours, It will be automatically accepted and your money will be credited to your account.


I have thought of that, That’s why I re delivered the work after the first 2 weeks of the order being in “revision”, but they requested another revision just the day before the auto accept order would do its thing…

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Again re-deliver the work.
Hope that this time it will be successfull.
Best of luck.

Can’t they just ask for a refound in those 2 weeks before I get the money and then closing the order and loosing any opportunity of getting the money?

No, they can’t do this or something like that.
As I know there is a one way to get refund that is “To cancell the order”
But without your permission it will not be possible to cancell the order.

I agree with what’s been said here.

The longer you leave it in the “revision” stage, essentially the more time you give the Buyer to delay.

I would re-deliver.

That’s gives them 3-days to respond or it gets automatically accepted on your behalf.

Don’t let a Buyer drag this out.

Plus, I would never offer FIVE revisions.

I’d stick to TWO. THREE in special instances.

Your time is worth more than sitting and waiting on one client.

Okay, thanks for the replies, I will re deliver it

This is good advice. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes…

A translation is a fairly factual service, although there will no doubt be some small level of interpretation / discrepancy. However, anyone that offers five revisions for a reasonably factual service is inviting trouble. For example:

Seller. “I’ve delivered your order.”
Buyer. “But you offer five revisions. Go away and do the work again.”
Seller. “I’ve delivered your order again, and I have made one or two small changes.”
Buyer. “You’ve made some changes? So, there could be more to correct? I’ve got another four revisions… go away and do the work again.”

I’m a proofreader. I offer zero revisions. This has been my stance for six of my eight years on Fiverr. I still get orders and make money.


Thanks a lot for your point of view, I will change my number of revisions then!

Also, NEVER re deliver or deliver an order through the messaging system. Always use the “Deliver Now” button - this is where you went wrong to begin with. This buyer is jerking you around because they can sense you are submissive and possibly not sure how to use the platform. The advice about only giving 1 or 2 revisions is spot on. 5 is ridiculous.


delivery your modified files.if buyer not responed your delivery you will receive your money after 3 days. but you will not get any review for your work.

UPDATE: We have finally came to an agreement and they completed the order.
Sadly, they didn’t seem very happy so, to confirm, now that they COMPLETED the order, can they get any kind of refound? I feel like i’ll get a negative review, but to be honest, I care more for the money since it’s a pretty big order