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Buyer is not responding after revision


Hello All,

I have few buyers to whom I delivered the work. Once the work was delivered they asked for some revisions/modifications. As a goodwill gesture, I normally do not re-deliver the revised work and simply send it through the order page. After all the revisions, once the buyer is satisfied with the final product, I redeliver the work.

So, my question is that in such scenarios, since I have reworked on the revisions, have forwarded it to the client and then have sent multiple reminders. What should be my next step?

Should I continue sending reminders or should I now redeliver the work based on the fact that the revisions have been carried out and already sent.

What do you guys normally do?


I deliver the revised work. If you just send it through the order page (without the Deliver Modified Work button), it doesn’t count. The system sees it as if you didn’t do what the buyer told you to do.


same case with me mostly client not respond after revision. what is the main reason??


Thank you for your response.


What does this question have to do with this topic?


@jonbaas is only trying to tell you that the questions/query you have raised does not relate to the topic in discussion. There are other multiple threads being discussed, specifically on this topic.