Buyer is not responding and didn't provide the requirement



Recently I got a direct order from customer and after I couldn’t reach him yet. Now the order is marked as delayed. I sent him a mutual cancellation request and I am waiting for his response. But I feel like he will not respond. So if I keep the mutual cancellation request further it will automatically cancel but I want to know whether such cancellation without buyer’s consent will badly effect to my rating or not? So in that case, is it better to contact Fiverr support for a resolution?

Please share if you have such experiences to pass through this.

Thank you.


Kaviddaktk, you should contact Customer Support…


kavindaktk, Any mutual cancellation will not affect on your rating. After your sending, if buyer will not respond it will auto cancelled. Your rating will decrease when any buyer will cancel by customer support. And It will count as negative feedback.



You are absolutely incorrect.

Auto cancellation will HAVE a negative effect on your cancellation rate as it is NOT mutual.


Nope Man. Please contact with fiverr and get real answer. Auto mean after sending your cancellation request , if it will cancel by auto it will not have any impact on your profile. If buyer request and you don’t give any response on that time it will be auto cancelled and you will get negative rating. I’m confirmed :slight_smile:


Thank you very much all for your response and yes if that auto cancellation is good then I will do after contact Fiverr support.