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Buyer is not responding and the order is late

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are having a good day. I’m facing some issues with buyer response. One week ago a buyer order a gig and there were some requirements missing so I couldn’t able to start the work, I messaged him but no response after that order got late and I send a time extension request I didn’t get any response either. At this moment, what should I do? This late order is really affecting my profile. I’m not getting much order as I was used to.

I really need your suggestions guys, please help me out.

You need to cancel before the buyer does. You can do it yourself or, better instance, since it’s already late, have CS cancel it for you due to the buyer being unresponsive. You may or may not have an issue with it affecting your cancellation ratings but you can’t do much more beyond that.

Words of advice - next time, if a buyer doesn’t respond after a certain period of time, move to cancel the order immediately before it goes late.


I think you are right. As far as I know it might affect my profile. Great advice. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: