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Buyer is not responding my message

2 days delivery time have passes, Buyer didn’t send me the correct user name and password. I knock him in several time but he didn’t respond. Fiverr counting my late delivery. What can I do now?


don’t make mistake again so, read it!

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Sometimes buyers purchasing without contacting the seller so that won’t work


thank you very much. You are great. @dev_sal

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Thanks @mclabzsolutions

You have 2 options:

1.- Request your buyer extension on delivery time through the Resolution Center. You’ll find info on the link below, please read.

2.- Request your buyer cancellation.

PS: Not doing so and letting the days consume, will take you into the order being marked as late delivery and could cause an automatic 1* bad review.

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I send him a request for extended 1 day. But still he didn’t reply.

I guess you’ll have to wait for your buyer’s response. Give it a few days and if your buyer keeps not responding you, ask for cancellation - maybe that would make your buyer react.

PS: I see you only have 15 reviews, so the best for you would be to cancel - this won’t affect you as you have no level. Right now, you can’t risk a bad review as the ones you already have are not enough to compensate the possible negative one.


It’s all about learning. It happened to me some time ago, what I did was to go to the resolution center before the deadline (the time stops running) and cancel the order, I clicked on “the customer does not respond” and then check the box to cancel the order mutually, so you do not have any bad rating or late delivery problems. Then the customer showed up and accepted the cancellation, I made that decision thanks to the help of the forum, otherwise I would have been left with an unfair 1 star rating because of the “late delivery”. Fiverr should make buyers understand that it is crucial and very important for us that they respond quickly and stay online for as long as possible during the order, because if we are not the ones who paid the consequences that caused our customers.


Thanks @maitasun for your valuable suggestion.

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Thank you @samuelaaron0110

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You’re most welcome @sohag12. We’re all here to help each other :wink:

In my country we say: One hand cleans the other and both, clean the face :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well said @maitasun You are really good.

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If the work has not been done and the buyer isn’t responding, then it’s best to cancel the gig. I get customers that provide me the info and then goes AFK.

Once the job is done. I deliver and I message them for a few days saying I’m still waiting for your feedback. Sometimes the customers get sick or just forget about us.

If the job is done, deliver and still message the buyer telling them that you’re still waiting.

if the job hasn’t started, then cancel the gig.

Sorry @jocelinsanchez. I cann’t understand. I think you mean order. right?