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Buyer is not responding. Urgent help

Only 55 minutes left to end an order. My buyer wasn’t available most of the time. I designed and send a mockup. But I am sure he will ask for revision. So, I dispute and wanted 2additional days. But, he didn’t come yet to accept 2additional days for delivery. Question is: Now, my 100% on-time delivery will be deducted 55minutes later? If yes, then what would I do right now to handle this situation?

Deliver your order and wait to see how fast the buyer comes online. Fiverr automatically marks an order as completed after 3 days of delivery. Buyers are aware of this. Many of them would come online once you delivery the work. It’s best you deliver and wait for his response. Be sure to include that you needed more time in your delivery so he doesn’t get angry and leave a negative feedback.

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What a PITA buyer

Firstly, deliver what you can based on what info he has given you. Make sure to use the Delivery Box. This will draw the buyer out.

Then go to your Gig and work on improving your Requirements Form so what you need has to be there before you do any work.


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