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Buyer is not responding... What is the best thing I can do?

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for suggestions from experienced sellers regarding my case “buyer not responding”

The buyer filled the “order requirements”, where he said he has given the information in a “word document” but in reality, he has never given anything. Maybe by mistake!

After some time I responded and informed him that he didn’t attach any “word document” and to send it again, but he never replied.

My initial order delivery time is 2 days.
In these 2 days, I sent 2x time extension requests but no reply.

Also, sent several follow-up messages in the last 4 days (2 days actual delivery time + 2 days late) but he never replied. Though, he comes online…

Now, what shall I do?

Why Fiverr doesn’t give an option for the sellers where they can stop the timer when a buyer doesn’t respond… Why seller’s stats be harmed when the fault is on the buyer’s end?

Sorry if I said anything wrong. I’m a little bit frustrated, worried because I recently got promoted to level one and I don’t want to get demoted.


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Contact CS, tell them buyer made order but did not fill in the requirements. They will cancel order without affecting your stats.