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Buyer is not responding!


Guys ! I have seemed a problem on my buyer. He ask me personal conversation to do a new design. I am encourage and frequently ask him needed question. But the buyer couldn’t reply correctly. Then i am create a custom offer. Then he accept this and say “Perfect Offer”. Clearly i am delivered his product but buyer not response to take order complete even he not rate me. This time what can i do ? But i need feedback to increase my gig.


You don’t need to do anything. If your buyer wants to leave feedback, he will.

Please don’t message your buyer to ask them to leave feedback - it might annoy them.

The order will complete 3 days after you delivered.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply.
Yah ! Offer is successfully clamed. But i am new in fiverr. So, i need feedback to increase my rating…


But if you annoy your buyers by asking for feedback after you’ve delivered, they may not give you the feedback you want.

Buyers can leave feedback up to 30 days after delivery.


Thanks for valuable answer. :slight_smile:


Please be patience. if you did a great job then buyer will give you feedback :slight_smile: But remind they are always busy


Thank you. I will be kept mind. :slight_smile: