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Buyer Is Not Response After His Order


Today morning when I checked Fiverr message I found an order which left my buyer when I was sleeping. He did not contact me before placing his order. But when I try to contact him to ask some info, till now he is not responding.

The order is about “Directory Submission”. And whatever site I try to submit his website, it says that site already exists on their site. I have one more day to complete my order. But he is not replying me.

What should I do if he does not respond? I guess canceling order is not a good idea. It will effect on my profile.


Cancelling Order will not effect ur Fiverr business but if buyer cancel the order after the due date. it will effect ur Fiverr business. so try to reach “resolve center” in order page.


100% it will not effect on ur Profile.


In this case, Cancelling order By opening dispute or through fiverr is the best option.
Because 24 hrs order time will be end soon, and Late order will decrease 10% of your activity


Ok. I will wait till tomorrow afternoon. If he doesn’t reply, I will cancel the order. Thanks for your information. :slight_smile: