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Buyer is online but not accepting the Delivery


Buyer was offline almost 3 days. I sent him the final delivery before the deadline about 2 hours ago. Buyer returned after 2 days of delivery. He appreciated my work and ask for revision. I done with the revsion but he is not accepting the delivery now as i delivered the work 2 dyas ago and even not responing to my any message but he is online.
Please advise should i contact the support centre or wait ? I am afaraid that he might ask for the revision again at the end.I am frustrated that he could cancel too as per his behaviour. Please guide

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Be patient. They have 3 days before it auto-completes.

Would you want a customer who bugged you every few hours when you have a few days to deliver? No.

It is a nervous time but you must trust.

  • Some customers will just leave for Auto-Complete of the Gig and never acknowledge you again. I don’t like it but they can.
  • Some customers will hit the Approved and send a Lovely review in 10 seconds. Those we all love.

The rest will be in-between.



Thank you @benedictrm

You need to do nothing at this stage and just wait it out. If he does want more revisions, you will soon find out as there is ony one more day before the system ‘auto completes’ the order. So, if he is still not happy, you will get a revision request or cancellation in the next day–and involving Customer Support won’t change that.

You may find it just auto-completes three days after you put in the delivery. I really hope so! But I find it’s best to let buyers do their own thing, i.e. just wait after delivering. There is no need to even message buyers and ask anything after you have submitted your final delivery to them.

I know you have not said you are messaging the buyer asking him to close the order (accept the delivery) but if you are–this may backfire. He can just let it auto-complete if he likes. But if he is unsure whether to accept or not, he may get annoyed by being asked to accept it. So I would lie low and keep quiet meanwhile, ha.

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Just wait at this stage

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Yes 100% agreed. Thanks