Buyer is online but not replying?


There are two orders inline for delivery in few hours.
buyer is online but not replying at all after commenting on few samples that i provided .Its been 12 hours like that.
What to do in this kind of situation?
Should i deliver the work?


I had a similar experience.


Deliver the work before it gets too late. You can send a message to the buyer asking him/her to give you a feedback.



I’m having the same experience. I think most of them use fiverr app, so it shows them as online, but they are not actually online. What do you think on that?


yeah it says they are online but i think they arent
Its been a day like that :confused:


Ummm… In that case you will have to wait a while so they can read your messages and get back to you. Hopefully you will get a reply.