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Buyer is PARTIALLY unresponsive and uncooperative, 4 days until the order is due. How do I proceed?

I’m a new seller and have never been in this situation before. I can’t complete the order because the buyer is being partially unresponsive. Like they’re replying every other day without helping to move forward the order. They seem to be a native Chinese speaker, so the language barrier might be the problem here. I’ve started translating my messages into Chinese using Google translate, but time is running out and I really don’t want this order to tank my account.

Given this, should I contact support to cancel the order? Can I message customer support to extend the order without the buyer’s input? What should I do here?

is it already late??

You can go to resolution center and request to extend the delivery time

No, it’s not already late. 4 days until due. I’ve been trying to get them to give me the proper order information for 5 days now.

I’m still waiting for them to respond to my previous messages so I don’t want to ask them to extend the delivery time yet. And given their basic English skills, I fear that they won’t understand why I want to extend the order and it will simply make the situation messier.


If you think you will not be able to deliver your order in time (if you progress at your current pace), I think it would be a good idea to contact CS and cancel the order.

The only way I know to extend an order is by going to the resolution center of that order and requesting for an extension of the delivery date, which the buyer has to approve. Not sure if this is possible without the buyer’s involvement (probably not possible, it doesn’t make sense imo).

contacting CS for cancellations is a bad idea try mutual cancellations if you unable to do

Nah… If the buyer is being unresponsive, I think it is a good idea to contact CS about it.

:thinking: yes but keep it for last resort

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