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Buyer is raising Dispute issue again and again

buyer is raising dispute again and again regarding my order delivery. He gave me work in which she did not said about pyhton or C# language for work but even i did according to me. Also many persons takes help from the internet, copy the stuff or modify it which seems difficult for doing that naturally so i also did that i copy a coding from internet and modify it. And she is raising the dispute " copied work" even five times and demanding money back from me and cancel the order. I raised an issue to customer support yesterday. She got the link from where i took the stuff and coding and modify it. But She had a college assignment work when i saw after all this and she said to give work to her professor within 1.30 hour so how anybody can complete the coding project work within 1.30 hour but even i took help from internet to complete it… she is not listening a single word from me and raising dispute again and again. I am worry about it what happen next and what should i do… please please tell.

I will be honest with you. You broke 2 fiverr rules here.

First, helping with school assignments is forbidden. You might get a warning for that.

Secondly, you copied code from the internet, that’s basically stealing someone else’s work.
I’ll give you an example: you are a logo designer and you copied a logo from the internet but you changed colours on it. Does it count as an original work? Of course not, it’s still stolen logo. The same is with your code. And you might get a second warning from CS for copyright infringement and using stolen code.


I have not received a single warning from CS. And buyer said that they want to do it within an hour so you can understand that nobody can do the difficult task of coding in one hour but ofcourse i did it with the hrlp of internet by modifying the coding to deliver the work faster for the client satisfaction. Later after that, in the given photo by the client thete was written assignment work in the end of the photo in small letter but i did not identified that. How can i solve this issue… i raised it to CS but it is showing “issue solved” and no solution received. What is my fault here.

I said you “might” get a warning if CS will notice it.

then why did you agree for work that you couldn’t complete? time crunch is not an exuse for copying code from the internet.

To be honest I would’ve just cancelled that order.
If you want to fight for it, of course you can reopen ticket with CS, but as I mentioned, if CS will start looking into that order you might get 2 warnings.


It may not just be a warning but a possible ban with the copying of code from the Internet.

As @mariashtelle1 said, you should have canceled the order. At this rate, the best thing you can do is give her the cancellation and hope that you are not warned. Take this as a life lesson that you cannot help with school assignments of any kind and not steal from others.

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