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Buyer is rejecting mutual cancellation



I’m currently having a bad experience with a buyer although I also made some mistakes in this interaction. I was out of office for 3 days for a personal reason, I set my account to Vacation mode, but the existing orders stayed. I asked for 24 hours from the buyer(he accepted), then even after that I had to deliver his order late.

I send him a Onedrive link with all the files which were about 500mb, while they were still uploading. By the time he saw the message only 6 out of 20 files were uploaded.

He Requested for a revision with very rude comments:

Buyer - The first video why do you write my Company name?? Why don’t you use my logo?
Me - 5 files have been uploaded for now. Sorry, Its my upload speed.
Buyer - just saw the first 5 story and i can already tell you, that i’m not satisfied with there “just one picture with my slogan” storys. that’s nothing, man.
Me - OK, then do you want to cancel?
Buyer - of course not. I really need the storys and the gig says 4 revisions.
Every story you show in your gig advertising is better than that one you made for me.

Then i didn’t reply for some time. I showed the buyer a screenshot of the videos I have made.

I do not want a negative rating, So I requested for a cancellation with the following message(He says that my work is “Nothing”):
I don’t know why you are being disrespectful. From where I come from, if we talk to someone the way you do we will not be able to do business with them again. I will be canceling the order, you can use the money to pay someone else to do the work for you.

His Reply:
I’m not respectful? If one of us isn’t respectful here, it’s you. You didn’t answer my questions once during the whole 4 days, you delivered a day late even though we had a deal and I said I needed the stories. To date, I haven’t seen all 15 stories. Yesterday I told you again that I need the stories and asked two times how to proceed now. You didn’t answer again. So who is disrespectful here? In addition, your gig is called absolutely “amazing instagram storys”. And you delivered just ONE picture with a beat and the text dominate. This ist not amazing. This is not creative. And again: i need as soon as possible 20 amazing instagram storys. clean with a creative design. like nike, balr and so on. if you have any questions, just let me know.

I have made few mistakes here, but now I just want to cancel the order and get this over with.
How wrong am I here?

EDIT: I sent the buyer the files; I offer money back guarantee and the buyer is not 100% satisfied and I know he wont be. And the buyer isn’t accepting cancelation



First of all, what kind of planning took place with the buyer in terms of your brief? You’re essentially creating mini videos for your client, so I’m assuming you ask them to complete some kind of questionnaire, that asks the client to tell you what kind of colour/vibe/tone they want? What did the client ask you for? Surely it was more than just “make me some cool instagram stories”?

I do kind of see your client’s point re your portfolio and the work… The vids in your portfolio all look amazing, and the ones in your screenshot look a bit more bland in comparison. But then, if that’s what the client asked for, there’s nothing wrong with that! It all goes back to the client’s original request.

Your buyer is angry, and from what you’ve posted, I don’t think they’re being too rude. You admit yourself that your time management has let the buyer down. Perhaps he had a deadline, and now the idea of searching for a new seller means he will miss that deadline?

The way I see it, you’ve got 2 options.

  1. Deliver the work. Take the negative rating. You’ve got over 100 5* ratings, and you can leave a response to the review. One negative rating wouldn’t stop me from working with a buyer. Don’t be ‘afraid’ of a poor review, especially when you clearly don’t get them very often.
  2. If you really don’t want to complete the work, keep pushing the cancellation. Each time the buyer declines, submit cancel again. Explain that they will get their funds back and can find another provider. Be polite, but stand your ground, and explain that you simply do not feel you work together well. Eventually, the buyer will get bored. Nobody can force you to do something you don’t want to do. Just don’t make a habit of this! We’ve only ever had to do this once, when a buyer who wanted a completely new script for free began getting quite personal in her comments.

Good luck.



Thank you for your reply.

I discussed this with the buyer before the buyer placed the order.
In the chat he showed me 1 video he liked. and He wanted 1 video exactly like that and this was my reply:
“Oh, Yes. But the thing is I wont copy the Exact thing that you sent me. But I will make it very similar”

Which I did in one of the videos. For the rest of the videos we agreed for me to do something similar to what I have in my portfolio.

On the order requirements this is what the buyer had included:
Links for His Product and Images, Logos, Music Tracks
Font name.
His Slogan.
“I need very nice & cool & smart story (videos, animated) which embody our lifestyle.
maybe we can do 10 product storys and 10 image/lifestyle storys.
for us is important: please ask if anything is not clear. that will save us time.”
“i need it smart , casual, nice and cool.
our role models in external presentation are nike, balr
the videos should be show self-confidence.
and we like that style of the video i sent to you in chat.”

Like you said the buyer is also requesting me some sort of a complete remake of the work. The word “amazing” is subjective, and the buyer claims that the work I have done is not amazing.

I will try the 2nd Option, since the buyer is requesting complete remakes as revisions.



Update : Buyer Accepted cancellation in the 3rd Try

Thank you


Man, What have you done?

Feeling sad for the buyer!! :frowning_face:

If you have taken it as a constructive feedback, you would have earned the revenue + an amazing review. You have judged the communication in a wrong sense. I had a buyer that said to me that "I don’t like what you did, you just thrown the material I sent on a piece of paper, this is not what I call a design". To be honest, it took me 16 hrs to design that. Guess what?? I take that feedback and asked more feedback on individual element for a detailed look and asked the buyer to be more specific in every little detail. The buyer requested a revision, with all his lengthy comments. I made the changes and tweaked the design and re-submitted / redeliver the order. Guess what??
The buyer said the following: “This is now what I call a design”. You nailed it!.

I see that the buyer don’t want to cancel the order but you sent the request 3 times, what in the world is happening? :roll_eyes:

Man, think as a buyer before sending the cancellation requests. You cannot please every buyer but I don’t know what in the world made you think that the buyer will be leaving a negative review?

We sellers now have started to live in a world dominated with just 5 star reviews. THAT’s Nothing!!

Anyways, its your life and your decision. (think twice, you could have earned the revenue + 3 or 4 stars if not 5)

Good Luck!!


I really Appreciate your reply.

Yes I understand I have made a huge mistake here

That’s really great of you to be patient and provide the buyer with good service. I will change the way I think from now. Now that you said that, I regret it a little too. I will go above and beyond from the next sale.



Yes, change your thinking style. This will help you. The buyer was very desperate and the buyer needs to get the stories completed by you.

Don’t regret now, the TIME has passed. Focus on your active orders!!

Good Luck!!


@zlogonje_pissa try to be as polite and cool as possible. The is the only behaviour that make you successful here on Fiverr. I am happy that you have realized this.

I had such an experience which I got resolved by keeping my cool and being polite. I had a customer who got upset just on my sending him a message when he was in the meeting. He asked me “Why you sent me a message when I was in meeting” and insisted on returning him the money. Though I was not wrong in sending him a message, because I was discussing something regarding his order.

As it was my 2nd order so I did not want to have cancelation on my account.

To cut the long story short I succeeded in managing him and getting a great review and 5 star rating from him. This was just possible through keeping polite and cool.


Thank you.

Yes I will keep that in mind. I guess patience is the key to success on fiverr.