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Buyer is reporting me for three projects (5 rated)

I did my first article writing project with her. She said please help me I am doing some sort internship and I was sick so help me to complete this article. I did perfectly with no plagiarism. She sent me second and after 2 days she bought me for the third time. And suddenly she texted me and said work is not good, my institute is not accepting this. She sent me ss of that. I did a revision. She said pay my money back. I said but the deal was to provide you good work. Institue will accept it or not is not my responsibility. But I agreed to pay her back the money for the one package she bought. But Now she is saying pay me all the money (for all three projects). Otherwise she will report me on fiverr. I am already on the copyright warning. Only 3 days left to get clear from that warning. I don’t want to loose my account. I want someone to help me that how to handle this issue for at least 3-4 days. Kindly help me


Hey look another seller who doesn’t understand that doing school projects is morally wrong and against the ToS!

And you’re surprised that someone who would order a school project is not an ethical person… Wow.

She may not be scamming you. If your writing here is any indication, I can understand why the institute wouldn’t accept it…


When you break the rules, no one here can help you.

TOS says:

Third-party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.

If you complain to CS they will either give you a warning or ban your account.


Yeah I know, and I don’t help students. She said it’s an professional article of an institute where she gonna get job if she will do good in these articles. And As I said I am already on the warning because of I uploaded a video to promote my gig and fiverr warned that content is not yours. And my first warning is going to clear in 3 days. Any suggestion what should I do to not get warned at least for next 3 days.

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Follow the rules or go on OOO mode.

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That actually makes it worse… You’re helping her deceive a potential employer into thinking she did the work. She wants to get a job using work she didn’t do. And you want us to support that? Seriously? You honestly think it’s ok to help someone get a job with work they didn’t do? That’s fraud.

Also, now you’re acting like it isn’t an internship. It’s schoolwork. Stop trying to trick us into thinking it isn’t.

It’s disturbing how unethical you are and how oblivious you are to the difference between right and wrong.


Hahaha, so it means article is totally unethical. 90% of article writing work is going on through middle man. So we all should stop writing articles because we are helping someone to rank their websites high, to get more and more clients. Helping someone to grow is totally unethical… right?


Listen, CS could give you a pass if you didn’t know what the article was for.

But she clearly told you what it is for, and you still accepted to do it, knowing it’s fraud and it’s against TOS.

I have no idea what you can do, but if you even mention this to CS, you will be banned. Period.


The purpose of the assignment is to prove her competency. HER competency, not yours.

You honestly think that this is a legitimate example of ghostwriting?

You don’t use ghostwriting to trick someone into giving you what you want. It isn’t a tool for fraud.

You don’t know the basics of ghostwriting ethics.


So you already have a warning for stealing a video? You deserve to get banned.


I didn’t. I made a video on canva which is copyright free site. But fiverr deleted that video

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That can’t be accurate. You either used premium canva services that you didn’t pay for, uploaded a watermarked version, or some other copyright infringement.

And canva is not “copyright free”. You pay to get authorisation to use the materials made there.

It’s pretty clear in this image. Video exports are not allowed under the free plan. Do you pay for a canva subscription?


I used images from canva and I created a complete video on sony vegas pro. I asked CS about this issue, they said you cannot use even the images from that particular site

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I’m a writer too and I have completed many projects and if someone told me that its an academic work, i simply told them that its against fiverr ToS and they never insisted on doing the work again as they are aware that I’m not interested to help. I almost rejected 15+ orders that were academic work. I suggest you to make it clear in the first place and never start your work when you have doubts.

Now you can ask her politely for a revision and try to get pass these 3 days. After that you can either refund her or come up with an alternate approach.

If you are new then try refund because it won’t affect your overall reviews.

Hope it helped you somehow.


Orders marked completed 3 days ago, is there any way to refund?

If the order was marked as complete, only Customer Support can cancel them and refund the buyer.


If order is completed then she has no right to ask for a refund. She did it after confirming that pop-up button.

Yeah right but as she marked it complete so it is unethical to ask for a refund, isn’t it?

It was unethical of her to ask for that kind of work (and of the OP to provide it). Everything in this case is unethical, and I’d say the main question is whether the OP will be able to keep his account.

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