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Buyer is requesting cancellation after getting work. he is a scam got all the work of worth 100$ and now want me to refund

i am a web developer . buyer requested a login signup system i have delivered exactly what he requested and now he want me to refund him? what can i do. i have reported to customer support but customer support eventually cancel the order as per my experience as i have contacted them multiple time in the similar cases. i am again repeating it’s very easy to scam on fiverr . Fiverr customer support should listen to the sellers. Getting work in free is a very easy task on fiverr. Simply when a seller deliver you just make an excuse and request cancellation and customer support will cancel the order. i am working on fiverr from 3 years making easily 2000$ per month as a web developer So it’s may reflect my experience in development . I am a computer science graduate also So definitely delivering quality work . According to my experience it’s very easy to get work in free on fiverr

I think if your buyer wants to refund then refund is the best option for you. Because Fiverr always give priority all of fiverr buyers. If your buyer report in fiverr support against this issue, then fiverr cancel your order. At this time you have a chance to disabled your fiverr account. So, my suggestion, you need to cancel this order.

If you cancel this order, then your buyer get refund.Now it’s a big issue in fiverr. Last month I canceled 3 orders for this same issue. When I contact fiverr support, then I get the same response that’s you get. I don’t know why fiverr don’t think about the seller.

I think if a seller do his work, that’s he promised his buyer in previous and After completing this work buyer want a refund, then fiverr need to inquire this order. If a seller does, that’s he promised, then fiverr need to help seller to cancel buyer refund. Then Fiverr buyer don’t able to do this type of scam. I think it’s fair for with the seller. Otherwise, it’s not fair with the seller. Because seller does his work, If they need to refund after completing work, then they are don’t gets confident to get money after finish work.

Deny the cancel if you completed/delivered work as per your gig description. Outline the work you have done and cross-reference your gig package. If the Buyer wants a refund/cancel nothing will stop him from going to Customer Support. Don’t make it easier for him tho, according to your past CS experiences. It sucks when this happens, but until a new cxl system is put in place this is the :poop: crappy cards that we’re dealt.

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You had one bad experience with one buyer. I’ve had thousands of experiences, 4,000+ experiences, and 96% of them have been positive.

Yes, you’ve met a crook who know wants a refund. You should work with CS to avoid that refund, or you should just refund it and move on. If you’re making $2,000 a month, why waste time with a cheapskate?

Besides, it’s either a refund or a bad review, I’d rather lose money over reputation. Reputation is everything on Fiverr.