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Buyer is requesting me to talk to him over whatsapp or telegram

one of the Buyer is requesting me to talk to him over whatsapp or telegram to explain the retirements of the project, as per the fiverr policies its not allowed, i need to know if the buyer is unable to explain things written how to communicate with them.


Simply tell him it’s against TOS to talk outside the platform and ask him to explain everything on the Fiverr chat. There is absolutely no need to chat on another platform, so he’s either new or trying to scam you.


tell him to sign up for business account and then use zoom


First you need to think whether you want to work with a buyer who is unable to communicate in writing and whether you’d feel safe if the scope of work wasn’t clearly defined in writing (so that Customer Support can check it if there’s any trouble).

If the buyer signs up to become a Fiverr Business client, the two of you will be able to communicate via Zoom, but that option only exists on the order page. However, how do you send them a custom offer if they can’t explain exactly what they need? What would you charge them if they can’t tell you exactly what needs to be done?


yeah i did, told him its against the TOC, still he wanted, thanks for the resoond i understand it now

I will inform him about this, thank you

yeah you are right, its probobly better if i let go of that order, Thank You

Some buyers tend to play smart on you even while on Fiverr platform talk less of now conversing outside the platform. Let the buyer know that Fiverr’s TOS frowns at that, the code is: whatever happens on Fiverr, remains on Fiverr

Yes, unless there is a truly compelling reason that the person cannot communicate via typing, use text as it is best suited to things that have to be correct. If they then prove that they still can’t communicate via this other method, dump them before they burn you.

If I write that you need to move the ax 1cm to the right. That is a definite and actionable thing. Me vaguely saying oh move that ax, seems perfectly clear to me (if I am a Hipster) but means nothing useable to you.

Let them go if they decline to meet you half way.


Reasons for typing not being possible:

  • lost all fingers in an accident - ok, so how did you type what you did so far?
  • inability to speak English - ok so how will speaking be any better? At least with typing, you can check your work before firing it off.
  • hate typing - ok so how do you think I feel about listening to rambling videos?
  • need to get you emotionally involved in a scam by using a babe - ummm
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I have a question which might has been asked many time but I want to have my assurity as I am very much worried about it.
A buyer directly used the word “whats app” (I am writing with space between 2 words intentionaly) and “sms” as buyer was new at fiverr even though I did not asked any of these information.
I just simply replied that I strictly follow fiverr TOS rules and I only work here
So my question is will I get any warning for this?
I asked this question at another forum but I have not got got any response on my query.

Thanks and BR,

Tell him, you are not interested.

You cannot get in trouble for anyone writes to you but if you don’t make it clear that his is not a path that will be taken, you leave yourself open.

Try to move your business to a situation where you will not attract such clueless or scavenger types. often that can be as simple as adding $10 to your prices.


Thanks benedictrm for your response