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Buyer is speaking Spanish. What do I do?

Someone has just ordered my gig with extra fast delivery but they only speak Spanish. Should I use google translate to complete the order? My gig is about designing cartoon characters but if I can’t understand and/or something like a misunderstanding happens I’m worried that they’ll cancel the order and demand a refund.

Please any help and suggestions would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

(I’m new to Fiverr btw, sorry if I’m being silly about this).


Check this out: Buyer only speaks spanish! Should I cancel?


Thank you! So should I cancel it? Because he’s not responding at all. There are about 11 hours left and I honestly don’t think I can do it in that time period. (Maybe if I’m blazing fast?)

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The general consensus from the post I gave you is to cancel. Suggest you read it through again.

All the pros and cons are discussed in the topic.

Will leave this with you.


My suggestion is don’t cancel your order right away. Try to communicate with the buyer using google translater. Explain your situation. Once I had a buyer like that, but I was able to work with him. finally, he gave me a tip to

good luck


Thanks for the suggestion! But I’m really worried because of time zones, and I don’t think I can complete the work with the time that is left. Reason being is because he didn’t fill the requirements out in detail. Therefore I can’t finish it because I don’t know what to do sadly.

That’s a completely separate problem.
Reach out to Customer Support and ask that they cancel the order for you due to incomplete requirements.