Buyer is taking too long to acknowledge/accept/receive my order


I have submitted a gig before it’s deadline but even after the deadline has passed, it still hasn’t been marked as received! Will it affect my credibility as a seller even though I complied to the terms? Is there any way to track of the buyer already downloaded the deliverable but hasn’t paid/accepted it yet?


If the buyer doesn’t manually accept the received work then it is done automatically by the system after 3 days. So don’t worry :slight_smile:

As sellers, we find quite a few buyers who never bother.


And no, it won’t affect any credibility, you probably just won’t receive any feedback. (Again, a fairly normal thing)


I don’t think it was automatically accepted by the system. This is how it looks like right now and it’s been almost 2 weeks.


yes i did :confused:


You sent it in the wrong box!

There is a text box which you can write and make contact in which is the one you have accidentally used!

You have to CLICK that Deliver Work button and a new box will appear to deliver the work in.

Hence why the button is clickable.