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Buyer is telling cancel the order, other wise I will give you a negative review

In buyer request i said talk to me for further discussion.But buyer ordered me with out discussion.Now I wanted to cancel the order but he didn’t agree.He wants to cancel or told me to do the work.I did the work.Now again he wants to cancel.This time he is telling cancel otherwise I will give you a negative review.I have contact to the customer support but they didn’t reply said wait for 10-12 days for a reply.I din’t have time.What should I do?

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Decline all of the buyer’s requests, and explain to them that they have breached TOS.

Explain that you have delivered what you order, and bide your time for CS to swoop in.

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That’s your problem. No buyer who tries to force you to do work you don’t want to do or aren’t suitable for turns out to be a decent person. No one.

You don’t have to do any work. This isn’t serfdom. You should have refused to do the job and cancelled via Fiverr CS if necessary.

Instead you enabled blackmail.

My advice? Stop letting people push you around. No good ever comes from that, only manipulation and devaluation.


But Fiverr CS isn’t responding and I had only 30 minutes left to delivery.I said Allow me 2 days time.He didn’t.I send cancel request,he declined.With out delivering the work I didn’t had any option.I contact Fiverr CS two days before but they said after two days they will reply after 10-12 days.How
i can stop people push me around if Fiverr doesn’t reply?
now I always stay scared.This is not the first time…never fiverr support me…just extended the time and I suffered.Buyer take the work done with out payment also harming my profile.

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How I can bid time,if buyer don’t accept the request?please help me…

That’s irrelevant.

You don’t work with sketchy people and put yourself at risk of blackmail to protect your ratings.

Stop making excuses for letting people push you around.

No circumstance means you should work with someone who is clearly sketchy. None.

if i didn’t work for him then order delivery would be late.please suggest me in this situation what should i do?

Exactly. I already told you. Cancel.

Stop thinking a circumstance justifies working for a sketchy person. Nothing does.

You will not succeed until you get some self-respect.

But He was not accepting my cancellation.He said to accept his cancellation.

I already explained: cancel with CS if you have to. It may take them a while but that doesn’t mean you should instead work with the sketchy person.

He didn’t make a cancellation and likely never would. Saying that is probably part of his scam.

So should I wait for fiverr for 10 days even though its a late delivery?

Accept his cancellation…it dosent matter much…from which side it is cancelled…it just affects the order completion rate…if you at no seller level then its not a big deal…just accept the cancellation…its way better than getting 1 star

You can’t speed up that process. It takes however long it takes and it’s out of your control so I don’t see the point of this question.

You’re proposing that the alternative is to work for a sketchy person who will scam you. It’s never the right decision, regardless of the circumstances. Ever.

Yeah at last I did that and my completion rate became 80%.because another one did the same.

Chill…not a big deal…just keep completing order and it will come up soon…i too have faced this kind of clients…if you want to listen to my story…feel free to dm

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After 1000+ orders I got one guy who said that very recently. He is actually a scammer who took my design and used it. He never thought I would check and see his profile. I took the screenshot and video proof and asked him to leave the review if he wants to. But make sure to check the attached video and images before doing it. He kept silent for few days and the order got completed automatically. He also removed the ad, like it mattered :rofl:

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can you please tell me that what screen shot have you taken that he will give you negative review or any thing else?please make me clear so that I can do the same with this type of fraud.

He was using my design on his Facebook page. I took a screenshot and video of it. Make sure to get video too cause images can be edited.

Good for you! These people are cowards and they know they can’t get away with stuff when you have.evidence. They just like to test to see who they can manipulate. Thanks for sharing you halted this. Victory woo hoo!

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