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Buyer is threatening me to change review

When any new buyer comes to us for execution we suggest them to try services and hire us for a long time. One Buyer ordered a basic package and expecting us to deliver a premium package.

Now he is threatening me that he will give me 1 start review and so & so…

Is Fiverr only for Buyers? We sellers work very hard, offer services at lower prices compared to the market. But buyers think they can do anything with sellers. It’s unfair.


Report the buyer to Customer Support. Threatening to give negative reviews to gain more services from a seller is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


I agree with this point. In $5, they think they own us. And some buyers tried to get max. from you in lower budget.

You should contact customer support for your problem.


Hello myb2bservices,

Sorry about the issue.

Please contact Fiverr Customer Support with required chat proofs. They will handle your issue. Never accept threatening, it’s not allowed on Fiverr.

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Although your prices are reasonable for what you do, offering unlimited revisions is asking for trouble. Unlimited revisions invites unscrupulous buyers to ask for more and more and more … take that out.

Currently the fact you have unlimited revisions on your gig will mean CS will support the buyer …


True, I should not provide unlimited revisions.
We have a good will for buyers but some buyers just misuse it :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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How’s this connected to just having a difficult buyer?

In any business you will get difficult clients, not only in fiverr. And I’m not sure what you expect from fiverr CS because it’s not up to them to negotiate with your client. It’s your gig, your project, your business and it’s your responsibility to communicate with that buyer.
But you still can report your client to CS for blackmailing.

Don’t expect fiverr to resolve all your problems, after all it’s your business not fiverr’s


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Would this work?

You should send that screenshot to CS. That behaviour is totally unacceptable.


Thank you for your support. You guys are amazing :slight_smile:


Report the buyer to customer support

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Report the buyer for negative review threat.


Go to customer support with the evidence of being threatened.

However, despite your excellent feedback record, offering unlimited revisions in my opinion is a massive, massive mistake.

Genuine buyers - the type you want to work with - will NEVER expect unlimited revisions. Genuine buyers are good people who will understand the services you offer when they place their order. They will have done their homework by reading your feedback, they will have put together a clear brief - they won’t expect unlimited revisions.

Stupid buyers are attracted by greed. Stupid buyers like to see unlimited revisions offered. However, stupid buyers are people I NEVER want to work with.


True. Genuine buyers are really good people, I have a bunch of repeat clients since I started. they cooperate and know what to expect.

Thanks for your support

Please contact Fiverr Customer Support with required chat proofs.Never accept threatening, it’s not allowed on Fiverr.