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Buyer is threatening me with a lawsuit


Hello i have recently done a job in which i have completed and the buyer is saying its not working like he wanted after the job has already autocompleted …i have done my best to help him out but now he is threatening to file a lawsuit since i have not delivered as he wanted. What should i do ?


I had faced the same problem. Finally that order was cancelled by fiverr CS.


CS is the best answer to this although you can get demoted if you didn’t deliver the complete work agreed on.


Level demotion or complete account ban from fiverr?


Did you deliver exactly what you promised?
Does your delivery work?

If your answers are yes, please inform CS that this buyer is threatening you (Forbidden by TOS).

If your answers are no, you should deliver exactly what you were paid for or refund your buyer if you are not able to do the job.


Tell the buyer that you have delivered what was requested and you have proof that you have delivered the work in question. Then say goodbye.

You are likely being scammed. I regularly get:

“My Video is BROKEN!”

“This didn’t work”

“I can’t see the article.”

“I don’t like it, please cancel.”

Every single one of these people assumes that I am from a third world country where $5 buys a Mercedes. This and that I will immediately jump to refund them because of how terrified I am of the big bad Fiverr review monster. The minute I say no and fire massive logic holes in whatever scammery :poop: they are trying, they sleek off like frightened dogs with their tails between their legs. - Even better, they never ever come back.

Tell your buyer that if they are not 100% happy, they are more than welcome to leave a review reflecting this. End of.


Say that you look forward to the lawsuit and that your lawyer will contact his lawyer to go through the details.
Then watch him back off and laugh.


He is just threatening. I think this is the best what he can do. If you delivered according to the requirement, you stick to your position. In the meantime, you can open a ticket to CS.


As the buyer won’t have your personal details (I hope) , and I assume Fiverr wouldn’t give that most private of information out, how would your buyer even go about suing you? :wink:

Ignore it - you did the work, you deserve to be paid for it etc.


Ignore it. What’s he going to do spend hundreds, even thousands on a lawyer for a $XX gig (not sure what he paid for your gig but I know it would be a lot less than the cost for a lawyer)


Even if we assume that your buyer bought someone of twice the volume of your ‘more expensive’ gig, what would be $100,- and we assume that your buyer is outside of Kenya, I can guarantee that they will find no lawyer on the planet who would file a lawsuit for it. Especially not an international lawsuit :joy::joy::joy:


Unless they hire their lawyer on Fiverr. :slight_smile:


I told the guy to contact fiverr support and he backed off telling me to correct some few things…he was just bluffing:smiley:


Good for you! You have great reviews and offer an in demand service at a very reasonable price. It can be scary but you need to be firm with people like this. If they can get free work once, you can guarantee they will try to get free work from the same seller in future.

Always stand up for yourself. :+1:


If he is not willing to accept just delete your work and cancel the order! There is no other option. However if you can sort out things and try to make him understand that it will affect your profile and If you can work as per his need then do it.


They may hire a lawyer on Fiverr for a fiver :joy:


You’ve made my day…


I’m happy I could help. If it happens again, feel free to throw some money at me. :slight_smile:


Well, to have you sued… You should have sing a contract beforehand, to offer all your info, from name to SSN…Otherwise, are just words in vain meant to scare you.


If I’d be in your place I will not further help him… Respect demands respect. I had a buyer that once came back after 2 months demanding some free changes, and I said no…he got very upset and threaten me that he will change the feedback and other stuff like that… Because he was rude, I’ve changed a $5 to a $35 and still refused to make the changes, only because he was rude…