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Buyer is Threatening me?

Hi all :slight_smile:

So, I’m in a predicament. I have a buyer that is threatening me to use his “contacts” to “destroy my business” because I wanted to process a cancellation. He kept requesting I provide work that is not in the scope of my gig and would not bother to pay extra for it.

Is this a reportable offense? This is the first time I’ve experienced something like this.

Just ignore him and keep cancelling forever if it takes so, and report him to CS.

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Also 100% positive he’s threatening to steal money from my bank account (like hacking?) What is HAPPENING. At least it’s reportable. This is literally a $5 gig and he’s going absolutely bonkers over this.

You should report this to customer support right away. I would also click the report button on the inappropriate message and ignore him from there. Customer support can cancel the order for you.
Good luck.

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Thanks! It was hard because there’s no report button next to the order messages, but he started sending them in my inbox so I’ve taken screenshots and I reported him through the CS survey as well as my message center. It’s a little jarring even though I’m sure his threats hold no merit.

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You should do the following things:

  1. Keep canceling his order.
  2. Inform CS about the issue.
  3. Report his message and the buyer will not be able to contact you again until the CS reviews the issue.

Most people don’t know how to report, therefore I am attaching screenshot for you help.

Thanks - I reported through both the inbox and through the CS request form.